Shocking Animal Cruelty Exposed In UK Circus Industry {Video}

After watching this video I wanted to share this with everyone. This is just plain cruelty and I will never think of a circus the same way again. At the bottom of this post is a link to — if this disturbs you as much as me, then please take the time to join the cause!

Animal Defenders International have released shocking footage from behind the scenes at the winter quarters of Bobby Roberts Super Circus, which graphically shows violence and confinement of circus animals.

ADI secured footage over a three and a half week period from a camera observing activity in a barn where the animals are kept when not touring, which shows a staggeringly high level of violence and serious animal husbandry flaws. Incidents included Annie (Anne), an elderly, severely arthritic 57-year-old elephant being hit with a metal pitchfork and kicked around the face and body 48 times over the period of observation by workers, who are also seen beating and spitting on a camel and beating miniature ponies and horses on numerous occasions.

The disturbing footage also shows Annie constantly chained for the entire period of filming by her front and arthritic back leg with only enough room to take one step forward or backwards. Her chains were only changed to different legs twice, ADI believes this will clearly cause her pain and discomfort. It was noted that the feeding regime was poor.

Please contact ADI to find out what you can do:

To join the cause:

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Photo Credit: Jeffrey B. Honig via Flickr

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