Sharks Finally Getting Protection!

Around the world, more and more nations and states are deciding to protect sharks, magnificent creatures which you may be surprised to find out are more worth alive than dead. Sharks keep ecosystems healthy and it’s profitable for tourism to have sharks around for visitors to view. Nonetheless, 26-73 million sharks are killed every year out of ephemeral desire for their fins! But the good news: governments around the world have taken action to stop people from killing sharks for their fins.

The Chilean National Congress issued a bill this month that bans finning in Chilean waters. Maybe it doesn’t seem like a lot, but Chile is actually a leading exporter of shark fins, which used as an ingredient in soup in some parts of the world.

This step by Chile to protect sharks might have also influenced authorities in the Bahama’s, which have just banned shark finning as well (in about 250,000 square miles of water).

Aside from banning the hunting and finning, many places (like Hawaii and Fiji) have taken things a step further and are banning fin sale and trade. Fiji might ban shark meat and other products altogether. The state of California is looking to do the same.

NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), the organization I found the above information from, is also calling on nations to protect oceans by monitoring ocean acidification, reducing plastic consumption, and creating marine protected areas (which helps not only sharks).

I’m glad there have been such actions taken to stop finning, and looks like we’re on a good way to protecting sharks from becoming extinct. Hope more countries and states will step up their efforts soon.

Source: NRDC

Images from: Dodo (front page photo) & Stormy Dog on Wikimedia Commons

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