Sea Shepherd Now has Former US Navy Lieutenant Onboard

We’ve covered Sea Shepherd and their new television show “Whale Wars” quite a bit the past couple months, and while we love the organization and the show, we must admit that we cringe every time they make a disastrous mistake on the TV show. But things are looking brighter for the next season, being filmed currently: Sea Shepherd has brought along a former US Navy Lieutenant, Jane Taylor.

Taylor was also recently honored by PETA for being the sexiest vegetarian in the US Navy along with other sexy vegetarians in other branches of the military. While Sea Shepherd seems to try to keep an organized ship, I bet it’ll seem like more of a cruise ship compared to her former adventures at sea.

To all those who comment on this blog and others asserting that Sea Shepherd is a terrorist group, do you now think that this decorated Naval officer is a terrorist?


Photo Courtesy of PETA

43 thoughts on “Sea Shepherd Now has Former US Navy Lieutenant Onboard”

  1. Terrorism: n. The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.

    I believe Japanese Whalers exploit loopholes in the international maritime law to further their own agenda, and by doing so are opportunistic and morally wrong.

    However, I also believe that Sea Shepherd, although well meaning in that they want to protect animals (which is very admirable) and enforce treaties/ int’l maritime laws. They go about it in much the same way as many others have (Tim McVeigh). Tim had a valid opinion but I don’t condone violent acts in defense of his position or violent acts as a means to an end.

    I couldn’t begin to tell Sea Shepherd how to get to their own goal in a way that would satisfy them (and Cpt Watson)however I do know that being condemned by the IWC and losing “observer” status doesn’t bode well, not to mention their long history of violence. Also a US citizen is now wanted in connection w/ acts of eco-terrorism *SOURCE* ( )

    I do not know the level of Lt. Taylor’s involvement but i would suppose that if she engaged directly in terrorist acts (as defined by the definition of the word) than she would also be by association either:

    1. Providing material support to an organization engaging in eco-terrorism

    2. contributing to or carrying out terrorist acts


    This of course would only be appropriate after review by appropriate judicial authorities and the laws of the high seas.

    I’m not to sure what to make of either side although I know that unprovoked action (the whalers did not directly attack to the best of my knowledge the Steve Irvin) against an entity in such a manner may be construed as illegal by some courts.

  2. Terrorist? Depends on her level of inolvement with the Sea Shepherd group. Should she engage in hurling glss bottles of butyric acid, interfere in lawful commerce at sea or other activities, then she is a terrorist.

    Shameful and a disgrace to her commission.

  3. I believe anyone associated with sea shepherd is a terrorist. I do not like the health care bill so should I go harass and destroy the property of the senators and congress members who voted for it? I think the Japanese should hire people to harass and disable the ships from sea shepherd.

  4. distrubed said on August 22nd, 2009 at 3:12 am
    All that posted something stating you don’t care:
    Then why did you post???
    tools, all of you. I get in the ring with any of you…do it old school with fist.

    Uh oh. Look out. Internet tough guy on the loose. HAHAHA!

  5. Is there a physical deformity in “Cap’n Paul” that he is unable to shut his mouth when not talking? Is he merely some mouthbreather who has managed to warm the atmosphere with fellow polluting She Slepping knuckleheads who feel that they are the law. That doesn’t say much for the EX-Lt on board. As a veteram of the US Navy, I have always found that the Navy usually dumps the losers that are politicaly hot and professionally inept after their first tour. About time that they make jg or if really politically connected LT. What an embarrassment. You have set back responsible conservationists decade. Celebrate that, you bunch of slackards and fool.

  6. All that posted something stating you don’t care:

    Then why did you post???

    tools, all of you. I get in the ring with any of you…do it old school with fist.

  7. So she was in the military, so what it shows she is still confused. This is a terrorist organization which tries to make people feel sorry for a fish made for consumption. When you attack another because you do not like what they do it is a terrorist act on your part. Paul Watson tries to put on his dopey look to get you to feel sorry for him and yet he says if you are not willing to give your life to save a fish he does not want you on his ship. For crying out loud! when a fish is more important than a person’s life you have to be touched in the head. Also, don’t any of the people on his sorry show have to work for a living? I wish I could just sail around the ocean for several months playing for the cameras and not have any responsibilities.

  8. Vinny Voodoo said on July 10th, 2009 at 2:58 pm
    If you learned to use a sling shot in Africa to hunt then you should know that the crew of the Steve Irwin are limitted to a vegan diet. That’s right you will have to go against natures design for man and deprive your omnivorous body the meat that it needs to operate properly.

    LOL! If they’re on vegan diets, how is Paul Watson so fat? While the rest of the crew has to eat tofu and rabbit food, is he in his cabin with a secret stash of pork ribs and fried chicken? HAHA!

  9. The crew of the Steve Irwin are commiting acts of terrorism. Their tactics of boarding vessels without permission of the vessel’s captain or government is the same thing pirates in Somalia do. Then they have the gall to tell the media that their crew was “captured and held hostage” by the Japanese. I don’t condone the actions by the Japanese, but I don’t condone the Sea Shepard’s actions either. I think its funny that they are actually complaining that the Japanese are not putting up with their crap and fighting back. You should read this article on the SSCS. Paul Watson is not above using violence to achieve his goals.

  10. “How can I volunteer?”

    Well first you have to pay $100 to become a member of the Sea Shepherds. Then Pay $1000 to go on 1 pirate campaign.

    If you learned to use a sling shot in Africa to hunt then you should know that the crew of the Steve Irwin are limitted to a vegan diet. That’s right you will have to go against natures design for man and deprive your omnivorous body the meat that it needs to operate properly.

  11. Its always easy to call someone you don’t like a “terrorist” these days.

    The terrorists are the ones with the fleet of efficient killing machines, conducting bogus “scientific research”. Their “research” is the laughing stock of the scientific community.

  12. danimal86- are you 4 or being sarcastic( i hope its sarcasm) and to steve… a terrorist organization is not defined by if they use bombs and explosives or not. its people who try to use fear and violence to force their views and ideas upon another person or party. therefore SSCS falls under the category of terrorist. if you look up the groups history they are responsible for numerous ship rammings and sinkings. frankly half of them should be thrown in jail and the other half taken to psycologists so they can get professional help to reverse the brainwashing

  13. i keep hoping one of their maritime blunders will result in the ship finding the bottom of the sea and maybe freeing up an hour of animal planet airtime to show something cool like snakebite victims racing to the hospital or animal control officers busting some democrat who tied his dog up to a tree and forgot to feed him for three weeks. but alas they somehow manage to keep their ship afloat for another episode. ah well, time to beg off so i can go flip the whale steaks i’ve got on the grill. mmm, mmm good!

  14. They are terrorists, BUT they need to turn themselves into terrorists to stop these murderers. I believe in them and think that they are doing a great service to the world. REMEMBER!!! They are terrorists, hooligans, and pirates. What these japs are doing is completely legal on paper so its legal to the world. They have only one choice and it is to be terrorists!!!!

  15. There are far greater things to be protesting about than a few whales a year. Every day there are babies dying by the thousands at the hands of so-called doctors. Why do people ignore their conscience and replace it with animal activism instead?

    Both the whalers and the Sea Shepard are in the wrong. Each in their own unique ways but it still does not give either of them the right to commit a heinous act on the high seas. It’s a shameful waste of life, time, money and fundamentally all for not.

  16. These people are heroes of our environment period. They are putting their lives on the line to protect the most majestic creatures on our planet wirth every resourse available to them. The spoiled brats and namby pambys that poo poo their accomplishments sitting at a computer, are pathetic.
    As a kid in Africa I learned to use a sling (David & Golliath style) This is the technique that the crew of the sea sheppard should use for delivering there stinky presents to the murdering Japanese. How can I volunteer? Even the smallest of crew could learn to throw farther and more accurately than anyones best throw. A

  17. The japanese whaling ships are wrong.

    The Sea Shephard is likewise wrong… engaged in dangerous / unsafe activities on the high seas bordering on eco-terrorism…

    Its only a matter of time before someone gets killed in this sensational exercise – ill contrived to generate publicity for a good cause – gone wrong.

  18. Timothy Gobbel

    Benedict Arnold won the Battle of Saratoga. That didn’t make him any less a traitor. Jane Taylor is a criminal, and should be tried accordingly.

    It would be a pleasant irony if one of her former ships sank these pirates.

  19. These idiots are terrorists and you dont jail terrorists, you shoot them. That fat coward Paul Watson, sews some patches on his halloween outfit and thinks that makes him a captain, he is no different than all terrorist leaders, he brain washes a group of misfits in to doing his bidding, while he hides in his cabin, he sends women into battle and cowers in the wheel house. If Steve Irwin were alive he would never let his name be used by a terrorist group.
    People need to stop funding these terrorists
    Get a job losers!

  20. Wow, what the hell is wrong with people. So a group of willing heroes (in my book) go out to sea in sub zero temperatures for months at a time to do what they feel is right and ass rags that sit on a coach feel compelled to call them terrorists and say the Sea Shephard is more like a cruise ship? So we let illegal whaling continue and do nothing more than bust on the people that actually get out there and risk their lives for a noble cause. Jane Taylor is a personal friend that served her time honorably in the Navy. Who ever feels like disrespecting a person that gave almost a decade of her life to serve our country should get out from behind their computer and protest the next Veterans Day in front of the White House. I will make sure I am there to see the aftermath…

  21. Jane, if you’re reading this tripe, you know better. I don’t have your email, but if you (unfortunately) have been reading this crap get ahold of me… you have my contact info!

  22. I personally served with Jane Taylor in the Navy. I can speak from experience that she did an excellent job and left her last ship under positive circumstances. She is dedicated to her principals not only maintaining her vegetarianism while at sea (not an easy task) but also converting several of her peers.

    Simply completing a degree from the Naval Academy is a difficult accomplishment. I will give her the benefit of doubt that she will have only a positive influence on the operations of the Sea Shepherd.

  23. What they are doing may not be piracy or terrorism by the difinition of the words. What they are doign is illegal according to maritime law. They should be charged and prosecuted accordingly.

  24. Wow… Ignorance is running rampant! Scientists are the egotistical idiots that think it’s fine for them to torture and mutilate animals so that they can “learn” something about them. If they were really doing research then there would be a lot more observation and less murder. Paul Watson and his crew are doing an amazing job, that is far from terrorim; in fact, I would argue that they are being too nice. Thank goodness someone got off their ass and stopped writing stupid letters that contribute to deforestation, even though they will never be read. Direct action is a necessity, pacivism has gotten us nowhere. If people want to talk about terrorism they need to do some research into what their government has done in the past and present and how many people (PEOPLE!!! not animals) have been killed in their quest for money and power. Anyone that thinks they are better than or above animals should try living in a world with out any!! Seriously, people need to wake up!

  25. To any one that defends people that murder all the creatures Captain Paul Watson and Sea Shepherds defends is WHACKED in the head and by saying the things you say here show just how simple minded you are. The mentality you show is prideful and sick. You whale murdering defenders should call a spade a spade. Where is this so called RESEARCH info you’s clamed to be doing. And even if you where doing research, How many other animals do you kill 1,000s of each year for over 30 years to learn about. I would think you would come up with another BULL SHIT story for simply feeding your self’s. And what ever culture clams to have the right to “kill” is a culture that needs to wise up and get with the times. At least come up with another BULL SHIT story dumb asses. I think captain Paul Watson and the sea shepherds are all hero’s and i cant find any one that thinks deferent here in the us and most of the world. GOD help you mother f ers the day I get aboard with SSCS. GOD help you any ways but I don’t think he will. I will put you where you’s all belong, HELL!! And i won’t loose one minuet of sleep
    want some? COME AND GET IT! 🙂

  26. These people are NOT terrorists. IF you think they are, then you can just call Greenpeace “terrorists” too. The methods are different, but if your going to use the word “terrorists” so freely, then the premise is the same. A group acting against another group…..that seems to be the “New” definition of terrorism?
    A terrorist is someone who rigs himself full of explosives and runs onto a crowded bus. Killing lots of innocent people. No military target, no government target, just women…CHILDREN..and men. A terrorists flies hijacked planes into office buildings. Killing innocents for a political or religious point.
    So please just stop throwing that label around.
    To “Not you”–The whalers did not “lose” 70 million. They just “didnot make” 70 million. And just how many millions are they supposed to make doing RESEARCH?

  27. I do not believe the Japanese whaling industry to be 100% innocent. I do believe the actions of the Sea Shepherd crew to be illegal and they can be justly labeled terrorist. I also feel that Japanese Whalers have a right to defend themselves in international waters. I’d pay to see them get even with you. I’d like to see them harass you, fowl your decks, and disable your vessel. It is reported that the Japanese Whaling Industry lost 70 million this year. I hope they sue you for their losses. They can use the video from Whale Wars as evidence.

  28. Sexiest vegetarian in the US Navy ….Haahahahaha Now there is an accomplishment. Terrorist, no… miss guided fools, yes. I love watching the show it is the best comedy around. These people are so full of themselves, they remind me of a bunch of spoiled brats with nothing better in life to do. That is why they are so easily brain washed by Paul and his minions. Lets all go out and play pirates and throw stink bomb. Why does Paul have a badge? Talk about a big ego and by the way doesn’t he throw anything…. yeah that’s right he’s to fat too move his arms. What’s up with the dumb chick crawling on the floor… if she really did hurt her pelvas she would not be able to bend her legs like that or put weight on here butt that way. What a fake!! It is sad that a good cause can be highjacked by an egotistical, self centered person like Paul Watson.

  29. Exactly which “Decorations” has she received? Under what circumstances did she leave the Navy? Exactly what expertise does she bring? The British Army was so happy with Benedict Arnold’s defection that they made him a senior officer. What is the difference between the Sea Shepherd group and a band of “Vigilantes”? I’ve already heard Paul Watson describe his band as “Hooligans”.

  30. “To all those who comment on this blog and others asserting that Sea Shepherd is a terrorist group, do you now think that this decorated Naval officer is a terrorist?”

    Yes… I do think she is a terrorist now. I am a scientist, I have my degrees in Environmental Science and Hydrology…. THEY don’t.

  31. Steve,

    Sea Shepherd doesn’t use explosives. And groups aren’t “supposed to be pacifists.” Throughout history, movements have used various tactics, only one of them being pacifism.


  32. They are pirates and terrorists wiling to resort to any tactic to achieve their end. They should all be jailed! I thought groups like this were supposed to be pacifists, but they resort to using various types of explosives and illegal boarding of other vessels.

  33. BRAVO and HOORAY for Lt. Taylor! As an ex-coastguardsman, merchant seaman (engineroom), and supporter of SEA SHEPHERD, I applaud her for putting her body (nice!) where her heart is. If I were a bit (a lot, actually) younger and wanted to go back to sea, that is how I would do it!


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