San Francisco Bank of America ATM Machines Turned into "Truth Machines"


bank of america coal activism

News: “An activist group has taken it upon themselves to turn San Francisco Bank of America ATM machines into ‘Automated Truth Machines’ by using overlay stickers that point out where they say BofA invests its own resources,” NBC Bay Area reports last weekend. 85 ATMS got hit. An what were they hit with? “Where users would touch the screen to request their dollar amount dispersals, the stickers show options like ‘Foreclosure on America’s Homes,’ ‘Bankroll Climate Change,’ and ‘Invest in Coal-Fired Power Plants.'” The activist stunt came from the Rainforest Action Network (RAN).

Why this is important: As hinted above, coal power turns our world into a furnace (is a top contributor to global warming), and chopping down mountains for electricity is insanely stupid given the solar and wind energy resources and technology we have today. And, of course, Bank of America is a top supporter of mountaintop removal coal mining companies.

Opportunities for action: Team up with RAN or others fighting mountaintop removal coal mining and climate change, and go solar, micro-wind, or micro-hydro!

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