How Does The Republican Party Claim The “Christian” Label? (Total Hypocrisy)

It’s rather crazy to me — the Republican Party is supposedly the “Christian” party and has the long-standing support of Bible-reading Christians in rural areas and Evangelicals. Somehow, a few loud-mouthed Christians and political propagandists have pulled on the strings of religious channels in order to get the public to put the Republican Party in the “Christian” bucket.

The Republican Party consistently tries to shift more money to the super rich and cut programs that help the poor. That’s not what Jesus Christ advocated. Christ promoted helping the poor — to a degree that is almost shocking in its kindness and servitude. Christ warned about getting too wealthy and warned about people who chases money — he didn’t advocate cutting taxes on the rich and not caring that the poor then have less and can die of starvation, disease, and poverty. Christ would not have supported a US budget that gives the richest family in the country a $50 billion tax cut.

Jesus Christ wouldn’t have supported a policy that kicks 23 million people off of health care. Obama’s and the Democratic Party’s hard-spent effort to get tens of millions of people affordable health care was a Christian-styled policy. The Democratic Party’s efforts to help the poor are Christian. The Republican Party’s efforts to let the rich get richer while taking a social safety net away from the poor and middle class are not Christian-styled policies.

Did Christ advocate war, killing, yuuuuge militaries? Hmm, I feel like he advocated something else (“thou shalt not kill”). Republicans have somehow decided that this critical piece of advice in the Bible doesn’t apply to nations, militaries, etc. I say to that: “You’ve got to be kidding me!…” The Republican Party wants to pump up the budget of the US military even though the US military budget is already larger than the military budgets of the next 7–8 countries combined.

By the way, the death penalty? Really?

If you want to make abortion your social issue to work on, fine, go for it! I have no problem with that. But recognize that the US government doesn’t force or pay people to have abortions. It doesn’t even give money to Planned Parenthood for them. The US military does kill people. State governments in Republican states do kill people via electrocution, poison, and hanging. The government does not conduct or pay for abortions. If “pro life” is your issue, you can take to the streets to try to persuade people away from abortion, but you can’t claim to be “pro life” when you support “pro killing” politicians.

Speaking of death, two of the biggest humanitarian crises of the current moment and future of human society are air pollution and global heating (which results in catastrophic, society-destroying climate change and extreme weather). The latter will lead to massive levels of famine, malnutrition, disease, death via unnatural disasters, migration, and war. The former is already causing millions of lives and trillions of dollars, according to research that has tried to quantify the problem. The benefits of electric vehicles and renewable energy are broad, but some of the most notable benefits are humanitarian benefits — saving lives and reducing human suffering. It comes as no surprise that The Pope has made these environmental crises one of his premier issues of concern and advocacy. The Pope again tried to inform Republican President of the urgency of these issues this week … but we all know he and the Republican Party are going to do nothing to help humanity in this regard and will keep pushing policies that benefit the short-term finances of oil, gas, and coal billionaires and millionaires.

There is growing acknowledgement that Donald Trump’s campaign pledges were fraudulent, that he is really only going to govern for the super rich — not the common man and woman. But the thing is, even if you believe Trump means well (I think he might), the Republican Party is whole-heartedly opposed to broadly lifting human well-being. It’s policies serve to give the rich short-term benefit at the cost of most Americans. It is no surprise or coincidence that “billionaire” Donald Trump (long sued for fraud) ran under the Republican flag.

The thing that is surprising — to me, at least — is that common Christians continue to fall for it.

Heck, their presidential pick bragged about sexual assault, and cheated on his first wife with his second wife … who he was also later divorced by. He has spent his adult life pumping up his brand as “super rich” and has settled on massive lawsuits alleging fraud for unwarranted financial gain. He bullied and slandered political opponents in a way anyone living has perhaps never seen before … not the mention the FBI, the FBI’s former director, the CIA, the independent press, journalists, and The Pope himself.

Yet, “Christian” Republicans are so brainwashed by propaganda channel Fox News that they vote for and support Mr. Trump.

Will the wall of hypocrisy fall for these voters? That’s the big question. Clearly, many of these voters will die before they decide to question years or decades of incongruent assumptions. Many of them will probably keep supporting Republican politicians who want to take away their health insurance, take away their social security, take away their Medicaid, take away their, increase the price of their insurance, and kill people in various ways and for various purposes. It is not Christian. It is all hugely against the teachings of Christ. Ironically, even though this is so obvious it should even be debated, the talking heads in politics and the media (as well as many voters) have it completely backwards.

Anyway, if you’re Republican, back to supporting politicians who lie to your face and consistently work against your own self interest and the clear teachings of Christ.

2 thoughts on “How Does The Republican Party Claim The “Christian” Label? (Total Hypocrisy)”

  1. cynthia Irene

    What brings tears to my eyes. Every teacher I know tells me children get skinnier over the holidays when they do not have their school lunches. This Administration that calls themselves ‘pro-life’ is absolutely NOT — in truth and action — Not pro-life and the administration they support is NOT pro-child or pro-life in this sense. The present administration wants to take even the meager food that hungry children get in schools away — and it is now that they only get this food some of the time — taking it away from more hungry children. This is NOT PRO LIFE and NOT PRO CHILD. It is lacking on all human levels towards life and child.

  2. It was pointed out to me that the Republican party missed the story about Juses clensing the temple. Juses drove the money changers out and the GOP is inviting them in with open arms.

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