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In this day and age, it is important to recycle as much as you can. With the entire environment being affected by mass pollution, we need to do all that we can to save our planet.

Plastic has not been around very long. But it’s already causing huge problems in our oceans and on land. This is especially obvious when we read about plastic garbage patches about the size of Texas in several places in our oceans, or when we read about endangered sea turtles that are filled with a ridiculous amount of plastic and other manmade materials and items.

The number of years in which we have been creating such materials and items, as well as polluting the atmosphere with dangerous gases, is just a tiny blip in the Earth’s lifespan. Yet look at the damage it has caused. Surely, there has never been an organism that has caused such damaging effects on this planet.

Photo credit: Dru Bloomfield - At Home in Scottsdale / Foter / CC BY
Photo Credit: Dru Bloomfield – At Home in Scottsdale / CC BY
We need to change. We need to change in big ways and small ways. We all need to do our best to lead by example, and not leave it to our neighbors. Don’t be that person who puts it on everyone else to change. It is so easy to recycle these days — we have bins, delivered by our cities, counties, and councils (UK). We hardly have to do anything — simply throw our trash in the right bin.

I am forever walking down my street and seeing these bins empty, and there is no way that the residents have not used any plastic or cardboard for the past two weeks. Cereal boxes, biscuit boxes, pre-made meals, juice cartons, water bottles, and many more such examples are things that people use every day, so their recycling bins should be full! Having your waste collected by a waste collection company that recycles is such an easy way for domestic or commercial dwellings to help that little bit more.

These are very small steps, steps that no one should say they can’t make. Taking your bins out, recycling as much as you can (all you need to do is put the correct items in the correct bin), ordering a waste collection service, walking or biking wherever you can, ride-sharing if you need to drive! The industrial revolution is a “small thing” in relation to the Earth’s lifespan, so let’s focus on the small things and help our environment.

This post was written by James on behalf of ICS Waste Management (, offering Waste Collection services.

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