Calling Out Phony-Baloney George Will

George WillThere is a person who’s columns I regularly read, because I often find it fun to disagree with him. This person is George Will, conservative commentator and phony-baloney. I call him a phony-baloney, because it seems to fit with the old-fashioned bow tie he sometimes chooses to wear on television programs like Sunday’s political talk show on ABC, This Week. Why is he a phony-baloney? Well, most of all because he is one of the few members of the mainstream press who still perpetuates the myth that global warming might not exist, even though approximately 99% of the scientific community agrees that it is occuring and that it is most likely a phenomenon urged on by the human race. My primary case in point against phony-baloney, is his attack today in The Washington Post on the listing of polar bears as a threatened species.

Here are a few choice quotes from Will’s article:

Now that polar bears are wards of the government, and now that it is a legal doctrine that humans are responsible for global warming, the Endangered Species Act has acquired unlimited application. Anything that can be said to increase global warming can — must — be said to threaten bears already designated as threatened.

Want to build a power plant in Arizona? A building in Florida? Do you want to drive an SUV? Or leave your cellphone charger plugged in overnight? Some judge might construe federal policy as proscribing these activities…

Environmentalism is, as Lawson writes, an unlimited “license to intrude.” “Eco-fundamentalism,” which is “the quasi-religion of green alarmism,”promises ‘global salvationism.'” Onward, green soldiers, into preventive war on behalf of some bears who are simultaneously flourishing and “threatened.”

Sorry to intrude on your selfish bubble, George.

George Will’s attacks on global warming as a reality aren’t new. In October of last year he published a piece in Newsweek titled “An Inconvenient Price.” He heavily uses Bjorn Lomberg’s book Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming to support his arguments. Bjorn and Will suggest that global warming will in fact save lives, by reducing deaths caused by severe cold, and that threats like increased malaria from rises of temperatures will be negligible. Will writes “Increasing prosperity and low-tech methods like mosquito nets, not controlling climate change, is the key to preventing 85 million malaria deaths by 2100.”

So what can we do to stop George Will? Probably not much. He’s got a strong base of readers that keeps him alive as a profitable entity- so boycotting his columns isn’t a possibility for forcing his lame ideas on global warming out of the spotlight. The best we can do is to chastise his lamer ideas, like this attack on the listing of polar bears as a threatened species. And George Will does have some good ideas.

There is nothing wrong with being a conservative, or having conservative ideas. The problem I have with George Will is that he denies that humans have an effect on the planet. That’s sad since he’s such an intelligent person– whoops, I mean phony-baloney.

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3 thoughts on “Calling Out Phony-Baloney George Will”

  1. Lets see….Carbon dioxide (the global warming culprit) is defined as a trace gas, comprises 3/100 of 1% of of the atmosphere. Mankind (with our SUV’s, jet aircraft, trucks, beef cattle, trains, factories, coal fired plants etc.) produces 3% of all the CO2. The gas most responsibe for trapping heat is water vapor in the atmosphere. It is reaponsible for 95% of all heat that is trapped by the atmosphere. CO2 is responsible for 5%. So, we destructive humans are responsible for 3% of the 100% of all the CO2, which in turn is responsible for 5% of the trapped heat.
    That mankind is responsible for anything but negligible amounts of change. You eco-marxists need to relax.

  2. George Will reminds me of what one of the British Generals said about Winston Churchhill-it goes something like this “he has lot’s of ideas and a few are good ones, he just doesn’t know which ones they are”

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