Rainforest Pictures (10 Friday Photos)

Rainforests Photo 1

Rainforests… Can you believe they are real? I think that rainforests are beautiful and I wish I could visit one of them some time. They look like they were from a movie or picture made by someone with a huge imagination, don’t you think? Well, this week’s 10 Friday Photos is on this topic of rainforests. Enjoy!

Canopy Bridge in Kakum Rainforest

Rainforest Photo 2Photo Credit: musiccontacttest via Flickr

Amazing Tree Sculpture

Rainforest Photo 3Photo Credit: Martin LaBar via Flickr

Rainforest Pool in Australia

Rainforest Photo 4Photo Credit: Peter Nijenhuis via Flickr

Mayan Ruins in Rainforest

Rainforest Photo 5Photo Credit: Plant Design Online via Flickr

The Power of the Rainforest

Rainforest Photo 6Photo Credit: Ih tanG via Flickr

The Highest Level of Greenness

Rainforest Photo 7Photo Credit: Jet Guer via Flickr

In the Shade of the Rainforest

Rainforest Photo 8Photo Credit: Adam Tibballs via Flickr

Rainforest as a Riddle…

Rainforest Photo 9Photo Credit: Alvaro Herreras via Flickr

Tarzan’s Playground

Rainforest Photo 10Photo Credit: Steven Schnoor via Flickr

Did you enjoy it? I love rainforests, they are so mystique. What do you think? And in which of these pictures would you most like to be?

Top Photo Credit: Andrew via Flickr

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