Protect Yourself Against Malware Threats (Chance to Win Free VIPRE Antivirus Software for 1-Year)

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I’ve written in the past about unprecedented attacks on blogs and bloggers. The sad thing is, while the internet allows people to connect for good and promote and spread good causes, achieving important successes, it can also be used for bad and is full of spammers, unfriendly hackers, and computer viruses and threats. If you don’t have good antivirus software, that can create many problems and headaches for you.

I was recently contacted about an antivirus/antimalware software with a number of good features, and while this is a little outside our normal topic realm, I thought it worthwhile to post about (given the recent attacks on progressives like you and me). If you’re a Planetsave reader and online activist, I don’t want your computer to be taken down by a computer virus.

So, on to the software… it is VIPRE Antivirus software and unlike older antivirus programs, it does not just attach antispyware and antivirus modules on top of each another, but is designed to optimize performance by melding these together.

What are the benefits of this? Here are three:

  1. it doesn’t slow down your computer like many programs do;
  2. it doesn’t use a lot of your system resources;
  3. it is great at protecting your system from ‘bad guys’.

There are two more outside-the-computer features of VIPRE that I think are worth pointing out as well. It comes with free US-based tech support and it doesn’t automatically renew your subscription and charge your credit card when your subscription is up (like some services annoyingly do without hardly mention it).

VIPRE provides solutions for endpoint anti-malware security, email security, data retention, and malware analysis tools. Look into it if you’re in need of some new computer protection software. Protect yourself and keep helping the world!

And, as noted above, we’ve got a free one-year subscription to give away. You can enter to win the free 1-year subscription by doing one or more of the following (Note that you need to leave a separate comment for each thing that you do and that you can get your name in the hat up to 5 times, 1 time for each thing that you do):

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Enter today & good luck! (And don’t forget to leave a comment for each thing that you do.)

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