Prop H Protesters Construct Wind Turbines at PG&E Offices [PHOTOS]

San Francisco’s Prop H is taking on their biggest opponent today – PG&E! The utility company has spent more than $9.9 Million to prevent San Francisco from having cheaper and renewable energy.

Come join the rally at: PG&E’s downtown headquarters at 77 Beale St at noon.


They’ll be erecting three twelve-foot “Yes on H” wind turbines and showing support for green jobs and an affordable green energy future. They’ll have signs ready for you to carry if you want to protest!

[social_buttons] PG&E was ready for us. They had security set up and barricades – but we were more than ready for them! We had about fifty protesters from organizations like Greenpeace’s Project Hotseat, The League of Pissed Off Voters and the leaders of the pack – the Green Guerrillas Against Greenwashing. The demonstration included speakers Aliza Wasserman and Julian Mocine-Mcqueen rallying on how PG&E has failed to make any efforts in the renewable market and how Prop H would move the city towards those goals. Aliza noted that Prop H does not have to exclude PG&E. That they could step up and join the clean energy market. That sounds like the best plan to me.

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