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I’ve been working as editor of Planetsave for almost 6 months now. (Wow, that’s hard to believe!) In this time, I have continually been trying to think of good ways to engage our reader community. Although, I haven’t delved into too many. Now, though, I’ve got one I’d really like to try out.

This is something I’ve been thinking about (but probably too nervous to try) for awhile. But a recent post on Mashable has finally inspired me to go forward with it and see what happens.

We have people opening our webpages approximately 100,000 times a month. I know a lot of the people come and go (google searching something, finding what they want, and leaving), but we also have a good-sized community and a steadily growing community.

I’m sure that many in our community are experts on different topics we cover, and many more are passionate citizens who care and read about these subjects A Lot.

Traditionally, we have been feeding you news, but I’d like to make this relationship more reciprocal.

News from You

To start with, I’d love to start publishing reader-submitted material more. So, this is how I’m thinking we could do so:

  1. You send us something you have written that you think is a good fit for Planetsave, and we publish it (if we agree it is a good fit) on its own.
  2. Same thing as above, but maybe we combine or integrate your piece with others in some way (if they are closely related).
  3. You send us a cool article that you find/read elsewhere, and we use an excerpt of it or little summary of it plus the link to the full story in a 10 Cool Stories post once a week (or more).

Sound good to you?

Other ideas?

Submitting Your Stories

Oh, & of course, how will you submit content?

Put a link or article you’ve written for Planetsave on our Facebook page or send it to [email protected].

Hope to see some cool stories soon!

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