Planetsave Reader Survey Results!!

It’s been about a month or so since we launched the Planetsave reader survey. So, I think it’s a good time to reveal the results so far (though, I think I’m going to keep it open to continue gathering data). So far, here’s what our fabulous readers (you) have told us:

You are most interested in seeing Planetsave cover… well, you were actually quite mixed on what you’d like us to cover (with a number of you actually saying you like the exact split we offer now.. which is the mix below, more or less):

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Interestingly, you told us you’d like us to cover “more posts in less depth”

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but then the average # of posts you’d prefer is about 4-6 (which I wouldn’t consider to be very many) and the option the most people actually voted for was 1-3:

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For the green articles we don’t cover, you clearly want us to cover them in round-up posts, but you’re sort of split on if you’d like daily or weekly roundups. I’ve been doing weekly round-ups by subject each day of the week as a result… not sure if I will continue with that or try something else — will see how it goes. But we will certainly do round-ups of some sort.

It was quite interesting to see where readers come from, very spread out — but largely from Facebook and Google searches (and I’ll also note that one of you, like me, actually came to us via the old planetsave email.. which I was also very disappointed to find magically gone one day a few years ago):

And I can’t blame the 15.4% of you who don’t even remember how you stumbled across Planetsave, as a number of you have been readers for quite awhile:

Lastly, a decent percentage of you are actually green professionals, something interesting and useful to know (but, predictably, most aren’t):

Thank You All for taking the time to complete the survey! Hope to continue serving you in a way that you find helpful! (And, be sure that I read every additional comment, more than once even!) You can also always shoot me an email or message on Facebook or can leave a comment on this post or any other.

And, if you haven’t completed the survey yet, feel free (i.e. please do)!! Here it is.

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