Pamela Anderson Tries to Help Florida Chimps

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On Saturday Pamela Anderson appeared at a fundraiser and 20th anniversary for the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida. Prior to her appearance, she had written to the governor of Florida on behalf of chimps there held in roadside ‘zoos’ for tourists.

In her statement she said, “PETA and I appeal to you to take action to prevent Florida’s roadside zoos from keeping great apes, and to ensure that these intelligent primates are transferred to approved sanctuaries to live out the remainder of their lives in suitable surroundings.” Anderson has worked for a number of years with PETA to raise awareness about animal cruelty.

The Animal Rights Foundation celebration was emceed by gameshow host Bob Barker, who is a vegetarian and has worked for animal protection for many years. A silent auction included items donated by several celebrities. Kim Basinger donated an autographed “LA Confidential” poster and Yao Ming donated an autographed jersey.

Chimps that live in the tourist attractions often are confined in very small spaces, with no interaction between them. Betsy Swart wrote an article titled Chimp Farm, after visiting a chimp ‘zoo’, “They live in the most barren and squalid conditions imaginable. They have nothing to play with — except perhaps their own faeces. ”

Image Credit, PETA – Public Domain

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