Over 2,000 Demonstrations in 165 Countries for "Moving Planet" (10 Photos)

Clean-energy demonstrations in 175 countries, 2,000 of them, stimulated by 350.org were or are underway today.

As Bill McKibben, founder of 350.org, said: “The planet has been stuck for too long with governments doing nothing about the biggest problem we’ve ever faced. This is the day when people will get the earth moving, rolling towards the solutions we need.”

The following are some of the wonderful photos from just a few of the creative clean-energy demonstrations around the world, followed by a little more from 350.org on the initial events.

moving planet activist purple hat
Activist at "Wellington Moving Planet" rally on Waitangi park.
moving planet activists cairo egpyt
Moving Planet activists in Cairo, Egypt.
moving planet helsinki finland
Moving Planet activists from Greenpeace in Helsinki, Finland.

moving planet bicycle activists finland

moving planet bicycle activists scotland
Moving Planet activists at Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland.
hanoi vietnam moving planet
Moving Planet bicycle activists in Hanoi, Vietnam.

hanoi vietnam moving planet demonstration

moving planet india photo
Srinagar-Kashmir, India Moving Planet clean energy rally.
london moving planet bicycle
Moving Planet bicycle and clean energy activists in London created a “moving aerial” of a bike... on bikes.
philippines moving planet demonstration
In the Philippines: "Thousands marched and rode bicycles down Perdices Street in Dumaguete City to show their support for moving their city beyond fossil fuels, and for the protection of the rights of cyclists."

Moving Planet got an early start in Cairo on Friday afternoon, when hundreds of Egyptians took to the streets to form a “Human Nile,” raising awareness about the threat global warming poses to critical water resources.

As the sun rose in the Pacific Saturday morning, villagers on the island of Tonga held a ceremony to bless the day of events while islanders on Tuvalu prepared for a day of swimming lessons and disaster drills to raise awareness about climate impacts.

As the day continued, hundreds of Australians flew kites adorned with clean energy slogans over Sydney’s Bondi Beach while mass bike rides took places across New Zealand.

Over in India, thousands of farmers, fisher folk, and local leaders gathered in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh to protest the construction of 80 new coal fired power plants, while hundreds of cyclists rode through the streets of Delhi to call for increased public transportation.

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