Over 100 Dogs Seized From Breeder

The Montreal SPCA and Quebec government seized over 100 dogs and puppies from a commercial breeding facility. These establishments are also sometimes called puppy mills.

An e-mail from Humane Society International said, “The dogs and puppies were housed in barren, metal cages and denied the most basic of their needs. Inside, the smell of ammonia was so strong, I found it hard to breathe. It broke my heart to see these precious dogs trapped in these terrible conditions. Even worse to know that many had likely been there for years. But thanks to you, our animal rescue team carried these desperate dogs, one by one, out of that horrible place to freedom. Then we transported them to a shelter where they are finally receiving the love and attention they so deserve.” The dog-abusing facility was visited by officials in Montreal’s South Shore.

Image Credit: Diliff, Wiki Commons

In 2011, about 500 dogs were seized by authorities in southwestern Quebec. It was the largest rescue operation of its time. Dogs taken from puppy mills are often very unhealthy. Some have respiratory problems, skin diseases and others are starving.

A good way for us all to foil these greedy, abusive business people is to not ever buy a dog or puppy from such a source without doing very careful research. Better yet, don’t buy a dog or puppy at all. There are millions of dogs available to be adopted at shelters. If more people adopted, instead of purchasing dogs, many lives would be saved. As it stands now, scores of innocent dogs are euthanized every year, though this problem could eventually be solved with greater consumer awareness.

Supporting puppy mills by purchasing from them only makes it more likely the abuse of canines will continue. Suspicious animal operations can be reported and citizen tips sometimes help solve cases.

Quebec adopted Bill 51 last year to help better protect animals.

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