Old-Fashioned Bicycle Carnival in Yogyakarta

onthel bicycle festival in yoyakarta

Ok, you probably haven’t heard of Yogyakarta, and if you’re like me the name just makes you think of yogurt, but a very cool event I just found out about puts the Indonesian province (which actually has a population of 3 million) on the map in my mind.

3,000 cyclists joined in the Jogja Onthel Carnival in Yogyakarta recently to “revive the culture of cycling once characterized by this  sultanate city,” but there was a catch….

Only a certain type of old-fashioned bicycle — the onthel — was allowed to take part in the event. I guess, trying to revive a past cycling culture, this makes sense. And, from the looks of it, they’re nice old bikes.

The pictures above and below are via the Bristol Cycle Festival.

onthel bicycles in yoyakarta

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