Solar Phoenix: Neighborly Solar From 1Bog Could Raise Property Values


This week The Bogman heads to Phoenix to offer 1 Block off the Grid solar discounts for neighbors who go solar together. And what better city to go to! Phoenix was super hard-hit by the housing crisis. It has had 54% drops in property values, some of the worst in the nation.

So this may not seem like just the perfect time for solar Phoenix (including including Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa) to go solar. But, there’s one thing that Phoenix residents should know: Solar raises property values!

Solar adds value to property because it can eliminate ever rising utility costs. And you don’t have to pay any more property tax on that new more valuable home you created by simply putting a power station on the roof. Arizona residents get a 100% property tax exemption on the value-added of a self-sufficiently solar powered home.

Arizona has a 100% exemption on the increased property value when you install solar, whether this is solar electricity or solar thermal hot water.

Typically, realtors estimate the gain in property value is $20,000 for every $1,000 saved in annual electricity costs. So, if your electricity bill was $200 a month, ($2,400 a year) then you add back a whopping $48,000 in value to your home when you add solar.

The intrinsic value of permanent free reliable on-site power in a state that is drenched daily in sunshine is much higher than other states. And even more so when a state is as parched as Arizona.

I know my state; California spends 20% of the state energy budget just pushing water from out of state to where we need it. Arizona is in the same position with water, so it is in the state’s interest to reduce energy as much as possible, by getting you off the grid. As a result, your state rebates are unprecedented. The state tax credit is $1,000 plus you get incredible rebates through your utilities of up to $4,000 per DC kilowatt.

For example, if you get your electric service from SRP, you get rebates of $2,700 per DC kilowatt. So a typical desert home needing about a 5 kilowatt system (to run air conditioning year round) would get a $13,500 rebate for taking itself off the overburdened grid.

And now the Bogman cometh. 1BOG brings group solar discounts because everyone goes solar together to save money. It’s more efficient. One Block off the Grid makes a lot of little installs on houses as efficient as one giant utility-scale solar install.

So, Phoenix: get together with your neighbors and raise those neighborhood property values back up by repowering your neighborhoods with solar self-reliance!

Image: Flikr user ScorpioChristo

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  1. I have been going green for 30 years. Why is it so hard to find the parts that you need for the system that you have? All every one wants to do is sell you a hole new system…. I don’t need a hole system I just need to replace a few sencors on the pannel and a pump…..

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