Updated: MTV Taps Online Video To Kill Greenwashing

What happens when corporations stop greenwashing…and start being real? MTV wants to find out. The NYC-based network just launched a global marketing push to tackle climate change with TV ads attacking those guilty of greenwashing. All of this is part of their youth-targeted climate change initiative called MTV Switch.

The launch includes not only TV ads, but also a series of five short films. With the short films, the network will expose greenwashing to half a billion MTV viewers from around the world. The short films urge corporations and young people to move towards a greener lifestyle.

One TV ad, created by ad agency 180 Amsterdam, features an animated character singing a “green song”.

“The MTV Green Song simply asks you to do your bit for the environment by switching off your lights, computers and TV sets,” said the 180 Amsterdam creative director, Sean Thompson.

The short film series will appear on Switch’s sister site Element. It will be pioneered by five young innovators seeking to fight the climate crisis with their videos.

“In Element, we’ve worked to confront both the skeptics who think that climate change is just too big to tackle — and those who hope that just changing their light bulbs is enough,” said Mark Harvey, Internews Europe’s Head of Development, who with Emily McDowell is the co-founder and co-producer of Element. He added, “Our five characters are from a new generation of climate activists who will connect with young people looking for those who embody lifestyle change, rather than preach about it.”


Image source MTV Switch

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