Man Who Killed Emu 'For Christmas Lunch' Fined Paltry $2,500


A man who stabbed an Emu to death ‘because he wanted to eat it for Christmas lunch’ has been fined almost A$4,000 (US$2,500) for animal cruelty.

An Australian court heard that, two days before Christmas, Patrick James Andrews, 23, crept into the Emu enclosure at Alexandra zoo in south-east Queensland, where he repeatedly stabbed a 30-year-old Emu named Mary, before cutting its legs off. Zoo staff later found the animal dead in its enclosure.

After Andrews pleaded guilty to the animal cruelty charge, magsitrate Graeme Tatnell fined him more than A$1,000 and ordered him to pay an additional A$2,800 in restitution fees to Bundaberg Regional Council.

In a revealing indication of the state of mind that drove him to carry out such a depraved and senseless act, Andrew was also found guilty of six drug and traffic offences. However, you have to ask whether such a relatively small fine will constitute an effective deterrent against apalling incidents like this happening again.

Image Credit – blmurch via flickr on a Creative Commons license

4 thoughts on “Man Who Killed Emu 'For Christmas Lunch' Fined Paltry $2,500”

  1. Well Well Well. Another serial killer in the making. As they know in america, most serial killers have no problem with killing and torturing animals.
    Where were zoo security?
    Why didn’t he get jailed?????
    Not only was there the fact that he butchered a special and elderly animal, but driving and drug charges as well !!!
    Get these type of people out of the community.
    I read in an article in Brisbanes rag courier mail, that the authority said it could have been worse, he could have killed people. It also said he was remorsefull of his actions as he gave the press the finger leaving court.
    Well as far as I am concerned if he can kill an animal he can kill a human.
    Personally, I think he deserves to have his throat cut, killing that poor defenceless animal.

  2. Talk about creepy. I don’t know what weirds me out more: The guy who stabs an emu at the zoo for Christmas lunch or the other guy who had two live pigeons in his pants at the customs check…

  3. Wait wait wait wait wait … he stabbed an Emu at the zoo? WTF!?

    Seriously, this guy needs to be in jail before he decides he needs to sneak into someone’s home and stab their bischon because he wants to make something “authentic” for Chinese New Year.

    (note: that is not intended to be as racist as it sounds – I just don’t want my dog stabbed!)

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