Live & Die Vegan: PETA Makes Themed Coffins

While studies suggest vegans and vegetarians live longer, we all have to go sometime. Animal activists looking to show their devotion to the cause after they’re deceased can now purchase an eco-friendly coffin, courtesy of PETA.

Handcrafted coffin maker The Old Pine Box has collaborated with PETA to offer a special line of coffins with $75.00 of each purchase going to the organization.


The coffins are made of solid wood and come in 7 designs (photos) declaring everything from “Every Life is Worth Celebrating” to the bolder “Go Vegan” statement. Prices range from $620.00 to $670.00 (not including shipping costs) and require a minimum of two weeks lead time.

If a PETA coffin is not your style, you could always weave your own eco-friendly coffin or read up on ways to stay sustainable after death.

1 thought on “Live & Die Vegan: PETA Makes Themed Coffins”

  1. Really? If you truly wanted an eco-friendly coffin go with the state. You get a nice pine box which doesn’t cost you a dime.

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