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Conservationists Warn Koalas Could Be Headed For Extinction

Conservationists claim Australia’s iconic koala will become extinct in some areas of the country if the federal government does not take urgent action. A group of Australian scientists recently met with government officials to develop a national koala conservation strategy to keep key populations of the animals from dying out.

December 15th

Is An Endangered Tree Equal To An Endangered Animal?

The Whitebark Pine Tree may be the first widely dispersed tree to receive endangered species protection. Conservationists have filed a petition with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service stating the tree’s extinction could leave huge holes in some of the continent’s most spectacular landscapes and eliminate food sources for wildlife, including grizzly bears.

December 10th

Japan Plans to Arrest Sea Shepherd Crew

The announcement by Japan’s Fisheries Agency that Sea Shepherd crew will be arrested if they disrupt Japanese whale killing operations has done little to stop the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The direct action animal rights organization, as seen on Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars”, says they are “undettered” by the threats. [social_buttons] “When you are willing […]

December 8th

USDA Rescues Abused Elephant From Circus Trainer

The USDA has confiscated Ned, a severely underweight male elephant from circus trainer Lance Ramos, aka Lancelot Kollman. Only the second elephant to have been confiscated by the USDA, Ned was taken from Ramos for failure to comply with the Animal Welfare Act and was placed with The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

November 13th