Last-Minute Gifts for Animal & Environment Lovers

Need to come up with a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for an animal or environment lover? Here are a few you (& he or she) might like:

1) Adopt a Farm Animal for your special someone! (See some of the farm animal couples available for adoption below.) As Farm Sanctuary writes, and I fully agree, “Sponsoring a rescued farm animal who resides at one of Farm Sanctuary’s shelters is a thoughtful, cute, fun, compassionate, original, and all-around wonderful way to share some love this Valentine’s Day! Whether the sponsorship is for your sweetheart, your mom, dad, sister, brother, a special friend, or for yourself, it’s the perfect way to help animals and show you care.”

With the sponsorship, you get “an adoption certificate with a color photograph of their adopted friend, an adoption card, an invitation to schedule a VIP tour to meet their adopted friend, and other benefits depending on the animal.” Of course, with this being last-minute and all, you might have to wait on some of those items.

2) Via PETA, you have 9 good virtual options for helping animals in need (or potentially in need, in some circumstances). From giving hardworking animals a day off, to giving a toy to a lonely dog, to saving a bunny’s skin, there are a lot of options available with a variety of price tags. Check out this screenshot of the options and click it or the link above to purchase one of these gifts.

animal valentine gifts

3) If you’re more into protecting animals and the environment in a macro-scale way, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has a host of good options, each for the simple price tag of $10. Want to spend more than $10? Buy a bunch! Some of the 6 Valentine’s gifts available are protecting polar bear habitat (giving a bear hug), protecting the boreal forest (lovebird request), protecting marine wildlife (otterly love), and planting a tree in Costa Rica for your special someone (if you’re wild about them).

Great Valentine’s gift options, 19 in total, for anyone who cares about animals or the environment (& who doesn’t?!), or is absolutely in love with them.

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