Kosovo Solar Score: German JV To Manufacture Modules Here

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In a joint venture, German-based solar equipment company J. v. G. Thoma has formed with German-based solar module maker Jurawatt to manufacture photovoltaic modules in Pristina, Kosovo.

Kosovo t_ecc752fe1d0e0bd7503df4769b02fea1According to SolarIndustryMag, the joint venture, named J. v. G. Jaha Energy, has built a factory and will begin producing modules in February 2016. Machinery and plant materials for this facility are reported to be in the process of delivery.

J. v. G. states the following about the former Yugoslavian province:

“There is a lot of interest in solar technology in the former Yugoslavian province, not least of all because the climate is ideal for the operation of solar plants. J. v. G. decided to establish the joint venture, J. v. G. Jaha Energy in Pristina / Kosovo, in order to take on a supportive, consultative role on site. Currently, the Bavarian specialists are working on large projects and convincing future customers of the advantages of DESERT Technology.”

Jurawatt provides this perspective:

J. v. G. Thoma GmbH has been working on a special technology for very rough climates for more than 7 years. Jurawatt now produces and sells these special DESERT panels all over the world.”

The new manufacturing operation is expected to serve Pristina and surrounding areas.

Eight trucks are currently traveling to Pristina, loaded with all machine components and technology for constructing a turnkey production factory for DESERT solar modules. The plant already exists and needs to be wired for electricity.

Renewable solar electricity should be welcomed in this country, as long as it is affordable. The electricity sector of Kosovo is dominated by coal-fired power plants, claiming a 97% share of the market.  Renewable energy is considered to have great potential of development. Sadly, the inherited issues after the war in Kosovo have impeded progress in this area.

However, the choice between coal-powered electricity and renewable for of electricity, including solar, has been an ongoing economic struggle involving development agencies like the World Bank.

Over the last few years, J. v. G. Jaha Energy believes the demand for power in Kosovo and former Yugoslavia has grown constantly.

“The country has responded to this by constructing new power plants and developing measures for increasing energy efficiency on the one hand, while also making sure that renewable energy will be used more heavily. The outlook for this young joint venture company is therefore entirely positive. The business opportunities for foreign companies and investors are excellent, as estimated by the Press Department of the German Embassy in Pristina.”

We look forward to reporting on solar developments in Kosovo.

Image via J. v. G. Thoma

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