Justin Bieber's Monkey Held In Germany

Oops – it looks the Biebs fell prey to a pet impulse purchase. His very young Capuchin monkey has been placed in a German animal shelter, after authorities confiscated it for not having the proper paperwork. Owning primates is probably a bad idea anyway.

They are very social creatures and need to interact with each other for their well-being. Baby capuchins are often taken from their mothers and raised by humans. The disruption of their natural mother bond is stressful and can interfere with their ability to have awareness of their own identity.

Image Credit: David M. Jensen
Image Credit: David M. Jensen

Baby monkeys are very cute, but when the mature they can become aggressive and even dangerous.Capuchins and other primates when grown are very mobile and strong, despite their small size. If contained in a home they may damage expensive possessions. Eventually, the monkey may be restrained in a basement or garage, or left at a shelter to be euthanized.

Macaques are another type of popular pet monkey and they can carry Herpes B Virus, an infectious disease that causes brain damage in some cases, and even death.

Impulse pet buying often results in harm to animals. Firstly, the new owners have made a decision based on emotion, rather than understanding the animal’s needs. They are not mentally, emotionally or financially prepared for the work involved in care-taking and therefore will do a poor job or even quickly become aggravated by the constant attention they must provide.

One of the emotions impulse purchases are made with is loneliness. This state can be much better remedied simply by taking an active approach to interacting more with other people, and this kind of socializing is often free, such as joining a club, or volunteering. Loneliness has been said by some to be widespread – if not of epidemic proportions – so impulse shopping happens frequently, but the financial costs can mount quickly. If one is unprepared for taking care of an animal, their may be an emotional toll as well.

Consider that a trip to the vet to care for a sick animal may cost over $500 and you get the point very quickly. An extremely wealthy person like Justin Bieber can afford this cost, but most people can not. It isn’t Justin Bieber’s job to be a role model for every teen around the world, but some may copy his behavior, and he could have thought a little more carefully about
his decision.

One pet shop in Australia decided to not sell any puppies at Christmas Time to impulse shoppers, because they know many of them will wind up euthanized.

If Justin Bieber would send out some messages via social media explaining why his monkey purchase was a poor decision and a mistake, it might help his fans understand why pet impulse buying is wrong.

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