It’s Not Just about Activism, It’s about Politics Too

Direct action, I think, is a true key to the change we need to make on environmental topics such as catastrophic, human-caused climate change. But direct action isn’t the only key. Another BIG one is getting people in office who are willing to stand up to corporate influence and bribery and take us forward as a country.

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There are a handful of such politicians out there, in Congress and elsewhere, but there are also a lot of outright horrible politicians who are not working for the country at all but are just working for their own pocketbooks and power.

We need two things to shift the tide in our direction:

  1. We need a groundswell of public support for environmental protection and progress. (Technically, we have the theoretical support of the majority of the public, but the majority of the public doesn’t actually pay attention to or know what their political representatives are doing. We need to make what they are doing more obvious and hold politicians’ feet to the fire. We need to make their decisions more publicly known and put this issue front and center by getting out in the streets, on power plants, at land auctions for gas and oil drilling, at politicians’ offices, on the news.)
  2. We also need people to step into political roles, challenge political representatives who are pure rubbish (as the British would say), and create movements within the formal political process that stop moving the center towards the fossil-fuel-controlled Tea Party’s agenda and start moving it towards the true betterment of our society.

So, action steps: get into the streets and/or get into office.

If we don’t bring more common sense to the society of politicians running our country, our country is going to get run into the ground.

Here’s some top political and activism news from around on current issues:

  1. 12 Green Groups Push for End to Oil Industry Tax Breaks
  2. Wildlife Conservation Projects Achieving Success Worldwide, Study Says
  3. U.S. Panel Endorses Fracking As Its Members Are Faulted for Industry Ties
  4. It’s Official: Congress’s Next Spitting Contest Will Be Over the Gas Tax
  5. India Takes Monsanto To Court For Biopiracy Over Development Of GM Eggplant
  6. 7-Year-Old Donates Two Year’s Worth of Tooth Fairy Money to The Nature Conservancy
  7. At Fox News, Planet Earth Is Sponsored By ExxonMobil
  8. Water utility expert expresses concerns about the risks of hydraulic fracturing
  9. Scientists Say Obama Fracking Panel is Financially Tied to Gas Industry
  10. Rick Perry to delight climate sceptics by running for president
  11. Stop the cruel treatment of elephants in Burma [ Wildlife ]
  12. Stop animals being given away on Freecycle [ Pet Trade ]
  13. Texas Rep. Mac Thornberry Says ‘Prayer For Rain’ Better Solution To Texas Drought Than ‘Flawed’ Climate Science
  14. Poll: Majority of public opposes mountaintop-removal mining

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