Is This Some Sick Sport? Video Shows Dogs Attacking Captive Wolf in Turkey


Warning: Video contains disturbing content.

This video is very hard to make out (and all online Turkish-to-English translations don’t yield much more insight), but this appears as if a small town in Turkey gathered together to encourage their dogs to attack and kill a captive wolf. Please comment if you have any idea what is going on.

2 thoughts on “Is This Some Sick Sport? Video Shows Dogs Attacking Captive Wolf in Turkey”

  1. The sickening depths that people can stoop to is abominable – what is wrong with 'people' who get enjoyment from seeing animals suffer, or with people who treat them with utterly no compassion, eg. as in the dog and cat meat trade of Asia and Philippines etc. If I had the power I would rid the earth of all such sick bastards, but not before first doing to them what thay have done to animals.

  2. We cannot let the world forget the torment, terror and suffering inflicted upon this creature, and his fellow wolf companion, by these monsters. Thank you for keeping it in the forefront by posting on your website. Turkish Animal Rights/Protection people are trying to urge gov. to punish these scumbags. Very difficult to write comments on TV Station site, not speaking Turkish. We have to try. Write officals, Speak, Witness and Demand Justice. Thanx.

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