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In today’s world it isn’t easy to balance our love of technology with the protection of our planet. So many companies that create these conveniences are contributing to environmental issues, whether it is through their use of resources, factory conditions, conflict in other countries where materials are gathered, or just the fact that the products are shipped all over the world.

But the good news is that we can use certain devices to improve our sustainability and eco efforts. Even if it is only to arm ourselves with information. This is a task specially suited for the iPhone, thanks to the many apps that have been created to help you out.

Here are ten great apps you can use to promote green living (for more, here are more great iPhone apps as well — and you can submit your own video review of any app if you try one of these or one of the apps below).

1. Treehugger


The best way to lead a sustainable life while encouraging others to do the same is through arming yourself with information. That includes the latest news on the topic, which is so often ignored by the mainstream media. But no more… get your stories on sustainability and environmentalism from the news source people have dubbed as “having balls.” They have reviews, the latest breaking news, podcasts, opinion pieces, and more.

2. EWG Sunscreen Buyer’s Guide

EWG Sunscreen Buyer's Guide

If you want to protect the planet, it often takes getting out there into nature. Whether it is cleaning litter, gardening or just enjoying what is all around us, you should be spending a fair amount of time in the sun. But you want to be properly protected from UV rays while you are out there, and not all sunscreens do the job properly. So find out which ones do with this thorough buyer’s guide from Environmental Working Group.

3. Go Green

Go Green

We don’t immediately become eco-geniuses. It takes time, effort, and education to get there, which is why this app is such a great place to start. There is no creating solar panels or learning to make a dress out of used corn husks; just practical and simple tips that are easy for anyone to implement into their daily lives. Whether it is catching the bus, or walking instead of using the car a few times a week; buying from a local farmer’s market instead of a grocery store, or just learning how to recycle for the first time; this app has you covered.

4. GreenYou


The first step towards living a greener life is knowing what kind of potential damage you are causing the planet. The best way to do this is by establishing your carbon footprint, a great way of analyzing your habits and their affect on the environment. Once you have answered this app’s short survey, you will be given a customizable plan for limiting that footprint from now on.

5. Dirty Dozen

Dirty Dozen

Worried about pesticides used in fruits and vegetables, but don’t have the money to buy organic produce? We have all been there, but there is a way around it. This app will help show you the most likely produce to have been contaminated, while giving you tips to get safe food for you and your family.

6. GoodGuide


Do you wish you had someone to walk around with you while you shop in order to flick you in the ear every time you were about to buy something unsafe or badly produced? This is the next best thing (without the flick)! It is a fun guide that lets you search more than 170,000 products and get ratings on each one. Very handy to have on your iPhone, no matter what you’re buying.

7. Locavore


Find local producers of various foods, so you can start eating locally from now on. Not only is this great for the local economy and surrounding community, but it limits the pollution that comes from transport across country. The app itself is decent, though an update would be nice to increase information for smaller regions. Hopefully this is coming soon.

8. Carticipate


One of the fastest ways you can limit your carbon footprint is by driving less. But public transport isn’t for everyone, especially in cities where the bus system isn’t so efficient. Instead, you can carpool with others in your area willing to give or receive rides. Just get the app and join the Facebook page. You will find plenty of people who have shared their information to start planning carpools and rideshares.

9. Ocean Wise

Ocean Wise

This seafood brand has been dedicated to responsible actions at sea and sustainability for a long time. Now, they have an app to help Canadians find further seafood products that follow by ethical and environmental practices.

10. iGreenpeace


Greenpeace has been the most well known name in environmentalism for decades. Now it has an app that both helps support its cause and teaches your children about protecting the planet and all its creatures. Plenty of games, news from Greenpeace globally, and online efforts are featured.

Do you know of any good apps for going green? Let us know in the comments!

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