International Bike Conference in Copenhagen (Velo-City Global 2010)

streetfilms velo-city video

Here are some great summaries and a video of the recent Velo-city Global conference in Copenhagen.

There was an international bike conference in Copenhagen recently. It was the place to be for bicycle professionals and enthusiasts around the world (I am so disappointed I couldn’t go). For all of us who couldn’t make it (or even for those who could), the following are some great summaries and a video from the conference.

The League of American Bicyclists has numerous articles from before, during, and after the conference (the link above is with all of those). You can also view the League’s photos from Velo-city Global on flickr.

As Jeff Peel mentions in the League’s most recent blog about the conference, “New(ish) bloggers on the block Community Powered Cycling did a good job of highlighting many of the main plenary speakers of the week including John WhiteleggJan GehlGil PenalosaConnie HedegaardMikael Colville-Anderson and my personal favorite,Vandana Shiva.”

And, though the Copenhagenize site doesn’t seem to have posts from or about the conference comprehensively tagged (some posts here), it is one of the best bike blogs in the world and is (clearly) based out of Copenhagen, the city where the conference was hosted this year (for obvious reasons).

Lastly, the stellar crew at Streetfilms has created a stellar video from the Velo-city Global conference and a coordinated article titled “Cycling Copenhagen, Through North American Eyes.”

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Image at Top: screenshot of Streetfilms video and article

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