India’s Madhya Pradesh Eyes 2.2 GW With New Rooftop Solar Power Policy

Another Indian state has approved a rooftop solar power policy with a target to contribute towards the ambitious target of 40 GW installed rooftop solar power capacity in the country by March 2022.

The government of Madhya Pradesh has approved a rooftop solar power policy with incentives for consumers who wish to install small solar power systems. As per the policy, consumers will receive government subsidies to set up rooftop solar power systems and any surplus electricity generated will be adjusted against the consumption.

Government officials told media outlets that residential consumers will be eligible for 30% subsidy while government buildings shall be eligible for a higher subsidy of 45%. Some buildings owned by government agencies could get a subsidy of as much as 50%.

However, these subsidies shall be disbursed only if the solar power modules used in the power systems are made in India.

Like rooftop solar power policies of several other states in India, any surplus power generated by rooftop solar power systems in Madhya Pradesh shall be adjusted against the host’s monthly power consumption.

India has set a target to have 40 GW rooftop solar power capacity by March 2022 and has divided this target among various states. Madhya Pradesh has a target to set up 2.2 GW or more than 10% of this target.

Last year, the state government had also announced a target to set up 3 GW solar power capacity over next two years. This also includes the planned 750 MW Rewa ultra mega solar power project.

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