Iceland To Increase Illegal Killing of Endangered Fin Whales

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is calling for a complete economic boycott of Icelandic products after the country’s announcement extending their illegal commercial whaling campaign into the next five years.


Last year, Iceland killed nine endangered Fin whales. A few months back they began exporting the meat from the endangered whales to Japan, which is a clear violation of international law. This year, they want to kill 150.

“There is a huge surge by the whale killing countries this week,” said Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson. “With Japan, Iceland and Norway flexing their muscles and pushing aggressively for higher quotas and targeting endangered species.”

In 1986, Sea Shepherd notoriously sunk half of Iceland’s whaling fleet while docked at Reykjavik harbor. The group claims the destruction of the ships was the reason the whaling industry in Iceland stalled for 20 years. While they’ve made no mention of plans to do anything similar this time around, they’re clear on their intent to manage a boycott of the whole country.

“We’re going to say to people around the world to not buy Icelandic vodka, sweaters, and fish, to not go as tourists to Iceland and to not use Iceland as a refueling station for private jets.” Watson said.

With a shattered economy and a faltering government, an economic boycott would be more effective than ever. Spread the word.

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Photo Credit: Sea Shepherd

5 thoughts on “Iceland To Increase Illegal Killing of Endangered Fin Whales”

  1. Nice blog you have here, very promising. I wish success to you. ThanksGreat post. I totally agree with the sentiment expressed here.

  2. The Shylocsk and Shysters of Wall Street Raped Iceland and drove it’s economy to ashes! Nobody gave a damn about Icelanders, and they are Goddamn humans! Iceland has also been forced by economic circumstance to sell and airbase, considered strategic to the dirty f**king Americans that screwed them with lies, to the Russians!It has happened! America lost a lot more than money in its illegal and dishonest money practices and they may have lost critical allies, something only time will tell! The price will be paid, in American sweat, blood and tears, for the “Jerking” of the world by Wall Street, and sooner than Yankee Doodle thinks!

  3. Timmy,

    Where do you live? In many parts of the world, whaling in all forms is considered atrocious.

    And how exactly is killing an endangered species sustainable?


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