Here’s A Way To Spend Your Christmas Cash: Tesla Raffle Tickets

Model-S-raffleIf you were lucky enough to get some cash for Christmas, or even if you didn’t but you’re feeling lucky, there’s a simple way to put that cash toward a worthy project, while also getting a chance to own one of the best cars on the planet – a Tesla.

The Climate XChange Tesla Raffle, which we’ve mentioned before, is offering up tickets for a chance to win a brand new, fully loaded Model S or Model X, with the winner taking home almost $150,000 in value and getting a clean green machine for getting around, whether it’s across town or across the country.

The Raffle, which has a total of only 2000 tickets being sold, will award one winner with a top of the line electric Tesla worth about $110,000, along with money to pay the taxes on it (almost $40,000), and an installed home EV charging station, so the lucky driver will be taken care of. Along with the grand prize, a number of other prizes are up for grabs, including a pair of electric bikes, an emissions-free yard care kit, and more.

Tickets for the Climate XChange Raffle are $250 each, and although every ticket can’t be a winner, all of the ticket buyers are essentially winners because the proceeds of the raffle are going to support efforts to make Massachusetts the first state in the US to adopt a carbon fee and rebate policy.

“It works like this: Fees are charged to those who import fossil fuels and the revenues go into a special dedicated fund. The importers are likely to pass on the cost of those fees through the economy, so to make sure that the cost of living and doing business does not increase for most people, the revenues are passed on – “rebated” – to people and businesses in the state.

“No one has to keep receipts to get their rebate. Every individual gets the same rebate, and businesses get rebates based on their employment. Based on existing energy consumption, most people will come out ahead in this system, but everyone can: The less fossil fuels a person or business uses, the more of their rebates they keep.”

To enter the raffle, go to Climate XChange and buy a ticket or two before Dec 31, 2015 at 10pm EST. Buyers must be over 18 and a citizen of the United States to participate, and the full details of the rules are available on the raffle page.

*Full Disclosure: Climate XChange has generously sponsored this article.

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