Help Planetsave (& Help Yourself)

In addition to the news pages I recently added to our site, I’ve added two more important pages I thought I should let you know about. Here’s what they are, what they’re about, and why I created them.

Become a Planetsaver

“Saving the world” is no small task…. We have become a leading green blog on the internet* through the tremendous efforts of countless people. However, our current core team only consists of 10 people or so. I think we could be tapping into the resources and passions of a ton more people who want to help the world than we currently are…. So, I created a page reaching out to you in order to try to do so.

Visit our Become a Planetsaver page and let us know if you want to help out!

*We are one of the top 25 green blogs on the internet according to our evaluation, and are currently #13 according to Technorati.

Sponsor Planetsave

We have ads from a variety of networks and companies running on our site everyday in order to allow us to do what we do, but we are now looking to find companies or organizations that directly line up with our site mission and goals to sponsor us on a regular basis.

We think doing so would not only benefit us but would also benefit the green companies or organizations that decide to become our sponsors, as we would be connecting them with with passionate, dedicated greenies.

If you are one such potential sponsor, don’t hesitate to learn more and contact us.

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