Greenpeace Competition to Design Next VW Film

Greenpeace has a pretty huge campaign geared at getting Volkswagen (VW) to drop it’s anti-climate-action efforts that I’ve covered a couple times now. See:

  1. Greenpeace Activists Become VW Stormtroopers & Greenpeace Releases 2 VW Dark Side Commercials {VIDEOS}
  2. “A Stormtrooper Sees the Light” & “Brian the Stormtrooper Part II” Greenpeace Videos

As you can see, Greenpeace plays on the hugely popular Star Wars series to both motivate people and have a good time.

Now, Greenpeace is looking to get citizen activists even more involved with a video contest. Here’s more from the email I received from Greenpeace:

greenpeace volkswagen video competition pic

The Rebellion to turn Volkswagen away from the Dark Side is over 325,000 strong, and every day we’re getting stronger.

But we know a Jedi’s key strength: creativity.

So in September we’ll be holding an international film competition for all the filmmakers hiding under those Jedi robes.

We need your help to turn the cameras on Volkswagen.

We’ll be asking you to come up with witty and creative ways of showing people that Volkswagen are blocking the laws we urgently need to stop climate change.

Get all the details at:

The competition brief will be revealed on Saturday 17 September, and you’ll have two weeks to make a one-minute film exposing what VW is up to.

The films will be seen by thousands of people around the world, and we’ll be asking the public to choose their favourite. We’re also lining up a judging panel made up of top people from the world of film and advertising.

If they pick your film, you’ll win a very special prize: a budget of £5,000 to make a campaign film for Greenpeace.

We’ll be announcing the winner at a special screening at a major London cinema later in the year.

So get your thinking cap on, and forward this on to anyone you know who has a camera and a conscience.

Register for an entry pack now at:

Richard George
Greenpeace UK

Think you have what it takes? Give it a shot! And share the opportunity with friends, too!

Image Credit: Greenpeace

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