Greenpeace Coats 22-Story Hotel with 45 Acres of Green Tarps

Sixty Greenpeace activists in Spain covered the controversial Hotel Algarrobico with 190,000 square-feet of green fabric in an attempt to “rub out” the partially-built structure.


Greenpeace has won multiple court victories against the developer of the hotel, leaving it unofficially condemned since 2006. It was originally targeted because of its protected location along the Almerian coast in the Cabo de Gata Nature Park, but has now become a symbol against urbanization in Spain.

Along with the cloth tarps, activists hung banners saying things such as “National Park Without Illegal Hotel.” This is hardly the most radical action Greenpeace has taken against the hotel — in 2005, 30 activists occupied the construction site in 2005.

The Spanish government recently announced the results of a study claiming that 27.5 percent of the country’s scenic coastline is now developed, an increase from 16 percent in 1987.

Video showing how they pulled off this most recent stunt:


Photo Courtesy of Greenpeace España

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