Green Business Blog Carnival #14

green business blog carnival
The Green Business Blog Carnival comes to Planetsave! Following up on Green Business Blog Carnival post #13, an excellent summary of green business news on Sustainablog (one of the Carnival’s co-founding sites), here’s the next edition of the Carnival for your surfing, reading, or eating pleasure (ok, nothing to eat here, sorry).

  • The big business side of global warming solutions that makes me nervous is the business of geoengineering. I think I’m not the only one. In a nice, lengthy post on this topic, Doc’s Green Blog reports on the complexities and limitations of geoengineering as discussed in a recent academic paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The basic summary conclusion of the scientists who authored this report was simple: “Substituting geoengineering for greenhouse gas emission abatement or removal constitutes a conscious risk transfer to future generations.” For more details, read the full post on Doc’s Green Blog (or even the scientific article it was based on).
  • Doc’s Green Blog also has a post on BP’s 193-page report that details how the company’s team of internal and outside experts thinks the Deepwater Horizon oil spill happened. Doc’s Green Blog brings in some good additional commentary and questions about he possibility of more oil disasters in the future.
  • As being green becomes more and more important, it becomes more and more popular. And as it becomes more and more popular, we see more and more greenwashing. Triple Pundit helps us in our green purchasing decisions this week with a post on two fast and easy ways to spot a greenwasher. Want to be a smart, green consumer? Check out that post.
  • When we think of the tremendous amount of global warming emissions and other pollution caused by modern transportation every day, we probably first think of people driving their cars to work or businessmen flying all across the world. But another biggie is the shipping of our food and goods all over the planet. CalFinder Home Solar brings our attention to this matter and also gives us tips on how to live greener lives or do business in a greener way by discussing some of the great ways we can green our shipping.
  • With school starting up again and all the extra energy that goes into powering those schools, Cleantechies has a wonderful post this week on some lessons leading schools provide us on energy efficiency.
  • Love eco-friendly crafts and household products? Then, you must love (a cool e-commerce site specializing in handmade goods). And if you’re really into this kind of thing, maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a green home business of your own on Etsy. If so, Green Marketing TV has just the post for you! They’ve got a very thorough and helpful article on how to start a green home business on Etsy. Perfect!
  • I also wrote a post on Planetsave this week that I think is a good fit for this Carnival. I covered the ongoing conversation between Greenpeace and Facebook regarding Facebook’s irresponsible reliance on coal. While Facebook has basically stated that coal is bad and the world needs to use more renewable energy, it says that it has no power over the “power mix” it is supplied (i.e. if it gets its power from renewable energy or from dirty coal). Greenpeace, in response, has made it more than clear what Facebook should already know, that as a large, industrial-scale electricity consumer, Facebook does have a bit of negotiating power on this issue.

That wraps up this week’s Green Business Blog Carnival. Hope you enjoyed the rides.

Be sure to check out the next edition of the Carnival next Friday on Doc’s Green Blog.

Of course, cool green business stories are the fuel that burns this Carnival’s fire, and we’re always looking for good submissions for the Carnival. If you think you’ve got one, send it to us via the submission form at Triplepundit. Also, if you want to host the Carnival on your blog, check out it’s schedule and let us know if one of the open dates works for you.

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