Go Green by Making Your Next Big Event Eco-Friendly

When planning your next big event, why not go green?

Many don’t realize the impact that even the smallest event can have on the environment. Trash generated by a gathering can really start adding up. Items like the décor, invitations and disposable drinkware often end up in the landfill which is a huge concern. Additionally, there are other things that can also affect the planet including something as simple as going to the restroom or washing your hands. Today, we are going to learn some things that you can do to make your next event green.

Utilizing Portable Restrooms

Sanitation is an important part of any event. Having proper working restrooms will prevent waste from escaping into the environment. Satellite Suites restroom trailers will help keep waste where it belongs. Portable restrooms are also clean and will give your guests a sanitary place to answer the call of nature. The number of portable restrooms that you will need will depend on the number of guests you have. As a rule of thumb, you will need approximately one restroom for every 50 guests. Keep in mind, the longer your event, the more restrooms you will need. Often these bathrooms are required by law depending on the state and county you live in. To find out your area’s rules on sanitation, contact your local health department or state environmental protection agency.

Installing Recycle Stations

The benefits of recycling are huge! By installing some recycling stations around your venue, you will encourage your guests to use them. Paper, plastics, aluminum cans and glass bottles can all be collected. After the party, you will be able to bring these items into a recycling center or have them picked up. Many of these materials can be sold for a small profit. Recycling can even help pay for part of your event! Learn more about the importance of recycling for from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Local Organic Catering

When searching for a company or person to cater your event, why not go local? Many local caterers will source their ingredients from farmers in the area that offer organic products. Going organic means that the food your guests consume will be healthy and good for the environment. Using local sources also reduces the carbon footprint due to less fuel being needed to deliver the goods. Organic foods are fresher and your guests will be very happy with your event’s menu. For more information on green event planning, please check out this link. Here you will find even more helpful tips that will make your event eco-friendly and fun at the same time.

Now that you know more about green event planning, why not make your next party planet-friendly? Not only will this help save the environment, it will also help make your guests more eco aware. Remember that protecting the planet is a job for everyone. So, do your part and make sure that your event goes green.

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