Food by Bike for the Hungry in Portland

I ran across this guys and chatted with him for awhile on my recent, short trip to Portland. I’ve been planning to write about them since then, but you know… so much news everyday.

Anyway, Rory Woods of sustainablog just shared this video recently and I thought I’d do a quick re-share here.

Portland’s B-Line, a sustainable urban transportation service established in 2009, interrupts food destined for the landfill and delivers it to organizations who feed the needy,” Rory writes. “The ‘B-shares’ program uses 600-pound capacity(!), electric-assisted cargo trikes to collects food from retailers and farmers’ markets and fills in the “last mile” of tricky urban logistics.”

Check out a video on the program below, and read more about the clear benefits of such a program, including more no the benefits of bicycling, on sustainablog: Portland’s Hungry Get Food Deliveries by Cargo Trikes.

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Photo Credit: Screenshot of video above

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