Favorite Nature Destinations (7 Green Bloggers)

Mike Lieberman: The Grand Canyon

Mike Lieberman prides himself as someone who walks their talk as a living, breathing demonstration of how one can live sustainably, anywhere. On his sites he documents what he’s doing through urban gardening, creating raw vegan recipes and demonstrating simple ways to go green. Through his sites and writing, he wants to show you that it’s simple to make eco-friendly decisions. Some or all of these things can easily be done in your daily lives without any disruption, and he would like to show you how to do them. Check out his online portfolio of site and writings at CanarsieBK.com.

Sweet and simple, but with clear conviction, Mike wrote: “That’s an easy one – The Grand Canyon.” For more on his trip to the Grand Canyon, here are some videos on YouTube from his trip last year.

Joe Mohr: The Ocean (or, specifically, the Central and Northern Coast of Portugal)

Joe makes environmentally themed cartoons for adults on Wend Magazine and Twilight Earth, and kids (“Hank D. and the Bee”) on EcoChild’sPlay and NaturalPapa. Joe’s cartoons can be found all over the web as well–some notable sites include: Mother Nature Network, Ecopolitology, Sustainablog, The Fun Times Guide to Living Green, King of Nature, CalFinder Blog and many more! Joe is a hubby, daddy, bike lover, doodler/writer/painter, rookie beekeeper, traveler, aspiring children’s author/illustrator, and above average green bean grower. You can follow Joe’s Cartoon updates on twitter at @GreenCartoons

Nature destination:

“My favorite nature place would be the ocean–specifically, the central and northern coast of Portugal where I used to live. Although, it’s hard not to call the old prairie and forest in my childhood hometown my favorite as well, seeing as they both spawned my love for nature (and are both pretty much gone). The bluffs and lakes of Winona MN (where I went to college) are a close third.”

Beth Buczynski: Mountains

Beth Buczynski is a freelance writer passionate about inspiring people to live and laugh more sustainably. Beth is the founder of The EcoSpheric Blog, the editor of CrispGreen.com, and a contributing writer for Care2.com and TENTHMIL.com.

Nature destination:

“The short answer? Mountains. I was born in New Hampshire, and some of my earliest memories are of following my Dad up trails on Pack Monadnock, the highest peak of the Wapack Range. At the top, we’d sit and look over at the White and Monadnock Mountains, which I would hike later as a teenager. As a college student, I spent plenty of time in the Great Smoky Mountains, learning about mountain top removal mining and the threat it poses to all of our ancient peaks. Now, I live in the shadow of the Rockies, and they are the most breathtaking mountains I’ve encountered yet. Something about a mountain is at once harsh, wise, unyielding, and exfoliating, which is probably why I’ve been drawn to them over and over again.”

Tara (aka Biofriendly Blog): Torrance Beach, California

Tara, better known as Biofriendly Blog, loves to learn about and share information on the environment, climate change, green issues, nature, energy alternatives, healthy living, conservation and bio-friendly solutions. She is the author of Biofriendly Blog (a blog for a cleaner, greener and more bio-friendly planet). She lives with her husband, their 2 kids and their dog in Southern California.

Tara’s answer reminds me of my own childhood on the Gulf coast of Florida. I would probably have a similar answer as this but for Lido Beach in Sarasota, Florida.

“First of all, there are so many incredible nature destinations around and I don’t think there are any I’ve visited that I haven’t enjoyed. Which obviously makes it kind of tough to nail down just one. Some of my favorites include Yosemite, camping almost anywhere, Kauai, the bridle trail behind my childhood home, white water rafting/canoeing in Oregon, etc. But the one nature destination that has the best memories is actually one closer to home: Torrance Beach, CA.

“Having grown up in Torrance, CA many of my fondest memories are spending time at the beach with my mom and sister. We used to go to the beach all the time and I would spend almost the entire day in the water. There was nothing better than swimming in the ocean. The beach was always kept clean, the sand was warm, there was a swing-set, a snack stand, showers, etc but the best part was the water. Riding a wave, diving under a wave, just floating along….you name it. As long as I got to spend time in the ocean, I had a great time!

“So, although I’ve been to many great nature destinations and there are MANY more I’d love to go to, I’d have to say Torrance Beach, CA will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Great answers by a grea crew of green bloggers. Would love to visit all of those places, the only one of which I’ve been to (but would love to go again) is the Catskill Mountains in New York.

Have some more places to mention? Put them in the comments!

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