Favorite Nature Destinations (7 Green Bloggers)

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Continuing on with our 7 Green Bloggers Series, this edition is on some top green bloggers’ favorite nature destinations.

The specific question I asked: “What is your favorite nature destination? (Has to be someplace you’ve been. Can be anything from a national park to your backyard to ‘the ocean’.)” Nobody said their backyard, but I did get some interesting and surprising (to me) answers.

David Alexander: New York Catskill Mountains

David Alexander has made balance between left and right brains a theme throughout his life.  As a software developer, in 2007 he created http://PlanetThoughts.org for educational purposes on environmental and culture-change issues, and http://Green-Wave-Email.com as a commercial expression of the triple bottom line for his business, http://OpalComputing.com, founded in 1986.  When not developing software and Internet marketing solutions, David is practicing Tai Chi Chuan, which he started in 1978, and which he has taught intermittently since 1995.

On his favorite nature destination, David wrote:

“Although the intense beauty of the California coastline made an enduring impression on me when I hitchhiked down the coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles 30 years ago, I must say that the reality of my frequent trip to our own New York State Catskill Mountains since childhood has been a lifelong influence for my appreciation of nature.  These trips have included summer camp outings in the woods, cliff climbing and bouldering along the Shawangunk Ridge, frequent hiking in Bear Mountain State Park and other forested areas, and staying in hotels for long weekends in both winter and summer.  Last winter I had a wonderful time hiking an ice trail to a frozen waterfall with a dear friend.  The Catskills are a spacious place full of lakes, rivers, forests, and mountains, with no significant commercialization, and with varied small towns scattered here and there at just the right intervals.  Let’s hope we can prevent drilling for natural gas there, a threat to air and water that is currently being debated here in New York State.”

Lorna Li: Amazon Rainforest

Lorna Li is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Green Marketing TV, a website for green and social entrepreneurs that offers inspiring news, insightful interviews, and information on how to launch, manage, and market a triple bottom line business.

Nature destination:

“The Amazon rainforest. There’s nothing so awe inspiring as being in one of the most biodiverse areas in the world, a lush jungle that teems with life, especially in the presence of towering old growth trees. What I love the most about being in the rainforest are the sounds of nature at sunrise, sunset, and at night. Lying in my hammock at dusk, I can here the change of guard from the daytime critters, to the night time critters like the transition from one movement to another in a continuous 8 hour symphony. I enjoy learning about the culture of the indigenous peoples who live in the Amazon, learning their stories, songs, and medicine. As we continue lose these cultures and these habitats to globalization and development, I feel a deep sense of urgency which drives my mission and vision in the world: to leverage emerging technologies to empower indigenous traditions, so that ancient wisdom can benefit the modern world.”

Ariel Schwartz: Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Ariel Schwartz is the Tech Editor at inhabitat and a daily contributor at FastCompany.com. She is also the former editor of Cleantechnica.com and a former blogger for Greenbiz.com. A graduate of Vassar College, she has previously worked in publishing, organic farming, documentary film, and newspaper journalism. Her interests include permaculture, hiking, skiing, live music, relocalization, and cob (the building material). A New Jersey native, she currently resides in San Francisco, CA.

Nature destination: “I’m a big fan of desert landscapes in general, but my all-time favorite is Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah–preferably in the off-season when there are fewer tourists. The backroad hiking trails on Italy’s Amalfi Coast come in at a close second.”

Photo Credit: Fr Antunes via flickr

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