Enjoy This Unusual Light: Creative Flip Book Page LED Nightlight

When you open this book, relax and enjoy yourself. A warm LED nightlight will light up every page immediately. Then, when you gently fold the book, the light will quietly shut itself off. Simple and elegant, with no muss, and certainly no fuss.

GearBest states this light can be expanded to the appropriate angle for users every day, simply by adjusting the pages. Best of all, there are no switches or cords to fret about, meaning it is very easy to carry wherever you happen to need it.

Main Features of the Flip Book Page LED Nightlight:

  • Solid transmittance strength
  • Soft light does not hurt eyes
  • Product toughness not easy to tear the paper
  • Paper fiber density, patchwork into a beautiful, natural texture
  • Turn off light by closing book,
  • Nightlight flip book saves space and looks beautiful
  • Environmental pluses include high brightness, low heat, low power consumption, and long service life
  • LED nightlight can be used anywhere for lighting
  • Folded light design looks like a book
  • Easy to carry, no buttons, no switches, no wires
  • Magnetic book closure does not open automatically
  • Book is constructed with environmentally friendly materials
  • High-performance technology provides convenient USB charging
  • Long-term repeated use rechargeable lithium batteries can be replaced and recycled
  • Colors: warm white & cool white

What more can you ask for in a low-cost light? The item is regularly priced at $36.65, but is now offered at a 27% discount, totaling $26.60.

The Flip book light has many different places where it can be used, ranging from the office to home or restaurant. It can easily be used for room accenting and mood.


Power supply: USB cable; power: 4.5W; DC 5V; charging time: 4 hrs; using time: 6 hrs; weight: 0.380 kg;
product size (L x W x H): 21.500 x 16.500 x 3.000 cm / 8.465 x 6.496 x 1.181 inches; package size (L x W x H): 23.000 x 18.000 x 5.000 cm / 9.055 x 7.087 x 1.969 inches;
package contents: 1 x LED nightlight, 1 x USB cable


This article has been sponsored by GearBest.

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