Eco-Adventurer Travels U.S. Using 101 Unique Modes of Transport

We all know that bicycling, walking, and maybe even roller blading or skateboarding are available, green modes of transport, but there are a few more out there. Eco-adventurer Boaz Frankel has traveled 12,000 miles across the U.S. using 101 different modes of transport and has a new series, the Un-Road Trip on Halogen TV, to share his experiences.

Here’s more from the folks at Halogen TV:

Moving from destination to destination, he hops onto a variety of vehicles ranging from whimsical bicycles, a pneumatic pogo stick, a canoe, a hot air balloon, a crop duster, a motorized cooler, a horse, a camel, a dog sled, a Segway, a sailboat, a hang glider, Kangoo jumps, and numerous other modes of non-automotive transportation.  Along the way, Boaz meets inventors, entrepreneurs and government leaders who celebrate his quest to crisscross the country without ever stepping into a gas-powered car.

The series started on Friday, Earth Day, and will include 10 episodes.

Photos via Halogen TV

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