If Climate Change Were a Dog (Cartoon)

if climate change were a dog

I love this cartoon — a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Joe Mohr, the cartoonist, wrote on Planetsave awhile back, and I’ll take this opportunity to announce that we’ll start featuring his cartoons on Planetsave once a week now.

Regarding the one above, Joe writes:

“We did know about climate change back in the 50’s, as evidenced by this Frank Capra Video on Global Warming. But even though it was a monster of a dog back then, it was still just a harmless little puppy.”

You can also follow Joe on Twitter  @GreenCartoons.
And you can follow all of his green cartooning at JoeMohrToons.com.

Thank you for this one, Joe! And great to have you back on board!

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