Doctors Ask for Bike Infrastructure Improvements

I’ve mentioned the great health benefits of bicycling on here a number of times. With the health benefits being so clear, you’d think more health professionals would be pushing for better biking infrastructure… Well, a number of them are starting to.

Check out this email/news release I received from NYC transportation advocacy organization Transportation Alternatives:

More than 150 medical professionals have sent a letter to Mayor Bloomberg encouraging the continuation of bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements….

WHO: Transportation Alternatives and more than 150 medical professionals
WHAT: Testify to the medical benefits of bike lanes and other car-free places
WHERE: City Council Transportation Committee hearing, 250 Broadway, 16th Floor
WHEN: Thursday, Dec. 9, 10 AM

The NYC Department of Transportation has found what other leading cities around the world have known for years: bike lanes increase bicycle ridership and reduce fatal and injurious crashes for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. The city’s increasing number of bicycle lanes and pedestrian plazas encourage New Yorkers to lead active lives, help reduce obesity and asthma levels and improve air quality.

“Imagine the tremendous health benefits that less traffic and air pollution could mean for New Yorkers,” said [Dr. Linda Prine, a daily bicycle commuter and family physician in Manhattan]. “When I ask my patients why they don’t bike or walk to work, they respond that their neighborhood streets often feel too dangerous.”

A lot of good work happening over in New York City. Hope they keep it up.

Of course, beyond the direct health benefits of bicycling, the indirect benefits due to it being one of the greenest transportation options are also tremendous. The environmental benefits of bicycling really end up being health benefits in the long run. So, get on a bike and help yourself and others today!

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Photo Credit: Susan NYC

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