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2008 Bicycling Superhero Ride in Missouri. Compashman, Atomic Calm & Velvet Revolution (left-to-right), heading from Superhero HQ to Rutledge (Dancing Rabbit). Photo by Nicole Blouin

What’s better for the environment and society than bicycling for transportation purposes?

Going on a long-distance bike ride and performing helpful services for the communities you visit on the way might be.

Rory Woods of sustainablog recently reported on a crew of “cycling superheroes” who have been doing this annually or biannually since 2000 and are getting ready for a ride in early December. Here’s more info on both the cycling superhero rides, in general, and the upcoming one, in particular.

Major aspects of the rides include:

  • Providing service wherever they feel called
  • Working cooperatively and using consensus decision making
  • Daily mindfulness practice
  • Having fun!

Ride Details

Here is what we know about the ride so far:

  • It will start in early December, lasting to January (there is no requirement to participate the entire month)
  • The likely starting point is Brownsville, Texas, where there will a two day Superhero Training
  • No bike touring experience necessary. All riders are welcome – bring your thirst for adventure!

Call Superheroes HQ for More Info

If you would like to learn more about the ride, please call Superheroes Headquarters at 660-332-four zero nine four.

Look likes a great, fun thing to do if you can join in. More info is available on the cycling superoes facebook page.

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