Cycling Shorts? Not For These Sexy Riders!

Naked cyclists participating in the World Naked Bike Ride in London

Yes, that’s right, the 7th annual World Naked Bike Ride is approaching and you won’t need any cycling shorts or Lance Armstrong cycling clothes for this sexy (maybe) extravaganza.

National Bike Month may have just ended in the US, but the World Naked Bike Ride is coming up — it will be on Saturday, June 12th this year (the same day that England and the US play against each other in the World Cup, I might add). Get up the balls… um, courage, to take off your cycling shorts and join thousands or even millions of others in drawing attention to the cleanest, greenest form of transportation on the planet on this day.

Even if we can’t beat England in soccer, perhaps we can out-participate them the World Naked Bike Ride (by the way, those are Londoners above).

Climate change (or global warming) is one of the biggest problems in the world today. Bicycling for transportation purposes is one of the best things you can do to address climate change, as well as numerous other environmental problems.

Did you know, on the energy contained in one piece of pizza, a car could travel 100 feet, a person could walk 3.5 miles, and a bicyclist could bicycle 10 miles!? Additionally, depending on a person’s diet (vegetarian, average US citizen, or something in between) a bicyclist gets between 196 and 104 miles per gallon (of fossil fuel input). I guess whether or not you are wearing cycling shorts or other cycling apparel is important as well.

Do your part to help the environment by bicycling for transportation purposes (with or without your cycling shorts). And start out by getting a bike, getting on your bike more, or helping others to do so, and by joining in on the World Naked Bike Ride on June 12th!

For a sneak preview of what you might expect, take a stroll over to EcoLocalizer and check out my “Great Bicycle City Photo Tours” of Barcelona and Portland, Oregon where cyclists have clearly participated before.

–>> Also see: World Naked Bike Ride Video from Portland

The following are the cities in the Northern Hemisphere that are already dedicated to participating in this year’s event. If you don’t see your city on this list, though, there still might be a group planning to join the ride and, of course, you can always get some friends together and form your own.

Canadian cities:

Drumheller:  [email protected]
Hallifax”  [email protected]
Ottawa:  [email protected]
Victoria:  [email protected]
Vancouver:  Jessica Mason-Paull <[email protected]>

German cities:
Munich:  [email protected]


Budapest: [email protected].


Mexico City:  [email protected]


A Coruna:


Brighton & Hove:
Cardiff (Caerdydd):  [email protected]


Albany, New York:  [email protected]
New York City:
Bellingham:  509.679.4194
Chicago:  Andrew Bedno <[email protected]>
Columbus:  [email protected]
Los Angeles:  [email protected]
Madison:  [email protected]
Miami:  [email protected]
New Orleans:
Philadelphia:  [email protected]
Saint Louis:
San Diego:
San Francisco:
Seattle:  (206) 369 – 2661

For more information and starting locations, visit

We try to cover great bicycle activism stories whenever we run across them here on Planetsave, but if you are a super bike enthusiast (not happy with just taking your cycling shorts off once a year) and want to follow more great biking revolution news of this sort, you can also join the Biking Revolution of Love & Freedom facebook group.

Hope to see a picture of you and your friends from the 7th annual World Naked Bike Ride on flickr soon!

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Image Credit: inkognitoh via flickr/CC license

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