Cross-Country Electric Bike Ride Completed by Electric-Bike-Loving Duo

Normal bikes get a whopping 984 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent), and that might be as good as it gets for green transportation (well, it can actually be much better if the bicyclist is vegetarian). However, I’m sure electric bikes are also up there for such efficiency… and who knows, maybe they even beat normal bikes — electric engines are very efficient.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t use such efficient transportation modes — the average fuel economy of vehicles sold in the US is currently just under 24 mpg.

So, how to get people to use one of these much greener transportation options? A duo from electric bicycle company Evelo have (or had) an idea — bike across country on some sweet electric bicycles giving speeches and hosting electric bike (EB) demos along the way.

Electric bikes used for Boris and Anna’s cross-country journey.

Boris Mordkovich and Anna Mostovetsky just recently completed what was perhaps the first ever completely self-supported, cross-country, two-person ride using only electric bikes.

Boris and Anna did this on just $20 of electricity! (Yes, their electric bikes got about 1,000 miles for what it would cost to buy one gallon of gasoline.)

Promoting electric bikes all along the way, one can only hope they touched enough hearts and minds to get a lot more people greening their transportation.

As I often note, it’s a little crazy to me that bicycling is such a popular recreational activity but so uncommon for transportation in the US. Bicycling for transportation improves one’s quality of life so much. Of course, some people really do find terrain, distance, or such more of a challenge than they like, but that’s where EBs come in — they offer most of the benefits of normal bicycling, but also let people get around with less effort (like most of us are used to, for better or worse).

So, basically, I guess the point is this: get your butt on a bicycle or electric bicycle and try out some fun, green, cheap, healthy transportation today! (Maybe take a look at Evelo’s selection.)

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