Clean Energy, Clean Transportation and Green Living News

Some of the top clean energy, clean transport, and green living stories of the last day or so:

Clean Energy

China’s Green Economy Leadership

“China sees green as the future engine of its economy. Although currently the world’s leading greenhouse gas emitter, China is serious about slowing greenhouse gas emissions and using renewable energy.”

Green Jobs, Good Jobs Conference 2011

“For her birthday this year, Administrator of the EPA Lisa Jackson received a big pair of boxing gloves.  Not your average birthday present, the gloves were presented by Leo Gerard, President of United Steel Workers Union, as he introduced her at the Green Jobs Good Jobs Conference yesterday morning.  He warned her that during the next year of her life, she’d have to put up a tough fight to protect her EPA initiatives, but not to worry because the labor unions and the environmental organizations were all in her corner of the ring.”

Helping America Win the Clean Energy Race

“Innovating to Meet the President’s Goal of 80 Percent Clean Electricity by 2035”

Green Economy Receives Royal Assent

“Prince Charles urges countries to incorporate nature into new economic growth model.”

The Business Case for EPA Rulemaking

“As conservatives and dirty energy lobbyists gather on Capitol Hill this month to conduct a series ofhearings and investigations hostile to EPA rules and rulemaking authority, several major utilities came together this winter in a Wall Street Journal Letter to the Editor to voice their support for the EPA’s authority to set safeguards and standards to promote public health and the economy, which is currently under attack:

Contrary to the claims that the EPA’s agenda will have negative economic consequences, our companies’ experience complying with air quality regulations demonstrates that regulations can yield important economic benefits, including job creation, while maintaining reliability. The time to make greater use of existing modern units and to further modernize our nation’s generating fleet is now.”

EPA, greens strike back against Republican ‘job-killing’ message

“The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and green groups are ramping up their campaign to counter GOP claims that air pollution rules are ‘job-killers.'”

Report: Proposed EPA rules on power plants could bring jobs to Michigan

“Michigan would gain about 12,469 construction jobs a year for five years if proposed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency air pollution rules go into effect, according to a study released today.”

Simmons and Simmons Offers Helping Hand to Green Startups

“Law firm Simmons and Simmons has this week launched a new dedicated service specifically designed to help green startups attract the investment required to build their core business without the risk of running up huge legal bills.”

Student to Travel the World Studying Commercial Solar Power

“A student with a passion for seeing solar energy developed globally, Arizona State University’s Steven Limpert now has the funds to continue his studies in a big way.

“The third-year ASU student is the latest recipient of the Circumnavigators Club Foundation grant—one that he will use to study the development and commercialization of solar energy in a handful of key countries.”

Global ‘Renewables Academy’ Preps Students for Hands-On Green Jobs

“As countries all over the globe develop renewable energy, it’s only fitting that there be a school specializing in the technical, legal and economic aspects of the trade. Berlin, in fact, is way ahead of the curve with its one-of-a-kind Renewables Academy—now celebrating its fourth birthday this year.”

Overheated? Solar Sector Revenue Could Shrink in 2011

“Morgan Stanley analyst Sunil Gupta raised that question this morning, asserting in a research note that global shipments are likely to drop 12% this year, thanks largely to an expected slowdown in Germany and Italy, which together accounted for 65% of the world’s solar market in 2010.”

Clean Transport

White House Seeks $53 Billion for High-Speed Rail

In discussing the White House announcement proposing $53 billion go to high-speed rail in the coming 6 years, Sam Stein of HuffingtonPost explains why this should be an easy thing to get Congress to support.

Cycling Advocates Combat NYPD Bike Crackdown

“In January the NYPD announced they would more strictly enforce traffic code for bicycles, a directive that resulted in the issuance of more than 1,400 tickets to cyclists in the first two weeks of the month. In protest, bicycling advocacy group, Times Up! are handing out their own tickets to encourage cyclists to keep riding.”

Ridership Up, Crashes Down: “Safety in Numbers” in Minneapolis

The average annual number of bicycle/motor vehicle crashes in Minneapolis between 1993 and 1999 was 334. Since 2000, the number has dropped 20 percent to 269.

Why? Are fewer people in Minneapolis riding these days? No.

In fact, according to the US Census and American Community Survey data, the number of Minneapolitans regularly biking to work more than doubled between 1990 and 2008 (3,000 to 8,000). This increase is supported by the city’s counts, which show a 174 percent increase in bicyclists in downtown Minneapolis between 2003 and 2008.

Green Living

Plastic-Free February, Day 3

Heather Carr of EatDrinkBetter is finding plastic everywhere now that she is trying to go plastic free for a week.

Not Your Typical Greenwashing: Wash Cycle Laundry’s Bike-Centric Business Model

“A new wash-and-fold laundry service, Wash Cycle Laundry, avoids the three big (and not-so-sustainable) components of the delivery and manufacturing industry: trucks, parking lots and loading docks. As a result, the bike-centric delivery model is far less harmful to the environment than its conventional counterparts.”

3 Ways to Air Dry Your Laundry In Any Space (or Any Season)

Helpful tips.

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