Christian Right to Slay the “Green Dragon” (Environmentalists)

Dr. E. Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance has called together a veritable dream team of the Christian Right to produce a DVD series called “Resisting the Green Dragon.”

In it, heavies from Women for America, The Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, etc. etc., say things like “within the environmental movement we are seeing that lust for power, that lust for controlling others, for dominating others very much coming to the fore.”

The gist of the tutorial is that environmentalism is a “green dragon;” that “in the face of the green dragon, we need a whole generation of dragon slayers;” and that “[this $50 series will] give you the armor you need to rise up, slay the green dragon, and promote the true gospel of Jesus Christ.” The woman who says this in the promo is the series’ host, Janet Parshall, who once blamed Matthew Shepard’s mother for her son’s death because she didn’t straighten him out.

Ridiculous? Yes. Real? Yes (this ain’t no Onion story). For more on this wickedly strange/hilarious/strange story, check out this piece: Christian Right Rises Up Against the “Green Dragon”

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5 thoughts on “Christian Right to Slay the “Green Dragon” (Environmentalists)”

  1. I might take to the enviro-thing if one little explanation can be given:

    Trees and flowers take CO and CO2 from the air, contain the C and releases the O. That is how oxygen is made so we may breathe. Quickly explain how plants and trees are dying from too much CO and CO2, as they have no lungs?

    1. @Koos: there are basically 2 things here. 1) the idea that plants will continually absorb the same percentage of CO2 as we emit considerably larger and larger amounts of it is just plain false. (see: ; 2) rising CO2 resulting in super-fast climate change results in numerous negative environmental effects, including the inability for whole ecosystems to survive and mass extinction (of plants and animals). (see: ;

  2. One could perhaps understand why the ideological Right wing (i.e., corporate/political/religious right, etc.) is marshaling its propaganda forces here…when so much modern science is revealing the global effects of utter wastefulness, destructiveness, and profligate polluting of the environment, that the industrialized West has been committing for over a century now…the Global Warming/Anthropogenic Climate Change scenarios expounded by climate science (and its call for “global action”) is perceived as being an attempt to undermine “national sovereignty” and also an “attack” on the American way of life….this “way” is the entrenched, cultural value system that has brought us to this point, and is viewed as “ordained” by god, thus not open to change by we mere mortals (read “secular humanists”). Put simply, the green movement is perceived as a threat, on many levels. It is shameful that religious faith an be so exploited and manipulated (especially in the young) to such counter-productive (and globally perilous) ends.

    Hopefully, this “dragon slaying” on the religious right will be matched by a “greens for Jesus” movement on the religious (liberal) left.

    1. Michael, nice additional insights and commentary. I think you nailed it pretty good there. I have heard more and more of “green” religious groups and movements as well — not sure of the scale (on either side), but it seems the issue is getting broader recognition than in the past.

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