Cat Hugs Dragon, Baby Hippo Dances Under Water, & More Animal Videos & Stories of the Week

Here are some of the top animal stories and videos of the week (videos first). Enjoy!

Cute, Funny, & Interesting Animal Videos

These first three are totally funny & cute:

Cat Hugs Dragon!

HEAT WAVE: Dog Brings Pool Inside

Baby Hippo Dances Underwater

And this one is just amazing:

Kitten Survives 1 Hour in Washing Machine

Endangered Species


  1. Breaking Exclusive: Polar Bears Still Screwed by Global Warming [Climate Progress]
  2. House Votes To Save Endangered Species Act [Earthjustice]
  3. Now it’s manatees? [NRDC]
  4. Six Gorillas Orphaned by Poachers Get Airlifted Home [TreeHugger]
  5. Art Dealer Charged After “One of the Largest American Seizures of Elephant Ivory on Record” [TreeHugger]
  6. Frog Leg Trade Decimates Species and Causes Ecological Chaos [Defenders of Wildlife]
  7. Endangered Sumatran tiger dies in trap on APP concession in Indonesia [Greenpeace]
  8. Animal smuggling in Bangkok – in pictures [Guardian]
  9. The Hidden Lives of Sharks [Huffington Post]
  10. Whale Warrior at the Animal Rights Conference [NRDC]
  11. PHOTOS: Lego Animals Take Over The Bronx Zoo [Huffington Post]
  12. Bunny Lovers Rejoice: Endangered Tiny Rabbits Are Finally Breeding [Huffington Post]
  13. Climate Change and Trade in Endangered Species (with an update on the Dolphin Trade) [NRDC]
  14. Illegal Boat Caught with 357 Dead Sharks Off Galapagos Islands [TreeHugger]

Animal Cruelty


  1. Save 300 Monkeys and Beagles Used in Animal Experiments at Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute in America [Animal Aid]
  2. Japan Police Hold Security Drill To Prepare For Dolphin Hunt Protestors [Huffington Post]
  3. Whip-Abused Race Horse Rewilding Killed On His Return To Ascot [Animal Aid]
  4. Revealed: cigarettes stubbed out on slaughter pigs’ faces, but culprit not being prosecuted! [Animal Aid]

Other Animal News


  1. Wildlife Rescuers Try to Save San Francisco Sea Lions Have Wires around Necks [Huffington Post]
  2. Police warn photographer for taking pictures of parakeet nests being destroyed (but no right to warn him) [Guardian]
  3. Mountain Lion Travels across U.S., Gets Killed by Car in Connecticut [Huffington Post]
  4. Two Goldfish Survive 134 Days Without Food Following New Zealand Earthquake [Huffington Post]
  5. Dirty Toenails Inspire Mandrill Monkey to Craft Its 1st Tool [TreeHugger]
  6. PHOTOS: Slender Loris Gets A Checkup (2 below) [Huffington Post]

Thirsty for more Animal Stories? We’ve got ’em. For example, check out:

  1. Little Penguin Laughing Hysterically? {Super Cute Video}
  2. Top Animal Stories of the Week {8 Cute or Crazy Animal Videos}
  3. Longest Polar Bear Swim Recorded — 426 Miles Straight
  4. Heroic Family Rescues Humpback Whale from Fishing Net {Video}
  5. Polar Bear Cubs Drowning due to Climate Change
  6. Lions Could Be Extinct in 10-15 Years!
  7. Top 7 Animal Videos of the Week + Baby Dalmation Pics + More
  8. Wombat Size of Rhinocerous Unearted in Australia
  9. Peru Bans Wild Animals In Circuses after ADI Investigation {Video}
  10. Rhino Crisis Round Up: Antique Rhino Horn Cups Fuel the Fire, Thai ‘Hookers’ Weep & More
  11. New Guinea: ‘Closest Thing to Garden of Eden on Earth’ – Over 1000 New Species Found
  12. U.S. Declares Iceland in Violation of Global Whaling Ban, May Impose Sanctions

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  1. Wow! This is such excellent coverage… Great choices – super heart clenchers and really funny vids… Not only do you keep our hearts open and our minds inspired, you keep us totally informed on the crucial Animal Rights of the day – and all on one page!! There is an artistry going on here and I want you to know that I appreciate it. Way to go, Planetsave!

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