Cancer on Earth

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I thought this quote on ‘cancer’ and the environment was too good and too appropriate for the issues we discuss here on Planetsave to pass up.

The quote is by Ben Stewart via HeartSpiritMind on tumblr.

Cancer begins with a group of cells within a community that failed to communicate with the conscious signal of the organism. Those cells begin to grow out of control and spread to other areas of the organism. This very disease is evident in our world today. The cancer upon our Earth is the domination of our false ego and our divorce from nature. Collectively among every human, vanity leads to segregation and competition. Competition leads to fear and greed. Greed leads to deceit and immorality. And immorality is the breeding ground for illness, waging war on our Earth. Every act of hatred and destructiveness in our world begins with self hate and self destructiveness, and that all begins with a breakdown of communication.

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Photo Credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video

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